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  1. What is Diagonal? Hi everyone! Nate here. Frank Grillo, myself, and some others have come together to create Diagonal. Created by former and prospective HT patients, Diagonal diagnoses the right hair transplant doctor for you. We help US patients find the right doctor -- usually abroad -- by providing all the necessary information and handling all the logistics as a personal concierge. We were created by former/prospective patients who were exhausted from combing through all the forums and clinics’ sites to find relevant information on hair transplants. How often have you seen, “How good is doctor X?” or “FUT or FUE?” or “How much should I expect X,XXX number of grafts to cost?”. Our aim is to simplify the process so that you can easily know everything involved in the procedure. If you want to learn more, we would love for you to talk to one of our former patients today: http://www.diagonalhealth.com/contact.html'>http://www.diagonalhealth.com/contact.html Why Diagonal? We’re big fans of Hair Restoration Network. However, we’ve found it challenging to dig through various posts to find the right information on various clinics. Some clinic sites do a terrific job outlining their services and setting expectations, but they still lack testimonials and reviews. The clinics are the best source of information for the doctors. However, that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Each doctor has a different specialty in a specific procedure. Finding the right doctor given your needs isn’t always easy. The barber will always tell you you need a haircut. We want to get you to a place where you can get a haircut regularly. What’s Diagonal asking for? If you’re a US patient looking to get a hair transplant, we would love to talk to you. We’re already working with a handful of the best clinics: http://www.diagonalhealth.com/contact.html If you’re outside the US, we would still love to talk to you too. Our focus is on US patients at present. We will gladly take any and all feedback on our site.
  2. Between Hair Restoration Network, Real Self, Bald Truth Talk, etc., are there any topics that you feel never get adequately addressed? Are the resources you rely on as you go through your own HT research? Asking for a friend...the friend is me. I'm the friend.
  3. From top to bottom, finding a surgeon to recovery, I'd love to know what you all think as I'm in the process of deciding.
  4. @hsrp10 Thanks! I will. Do you have any advice on how to meet in person with former patients outside forums? Should I ask the clinics?
  5. Hi all, long time lurker, first time poster! I'm a Norwood 4 who lives in California. I've been researching FUT and FUE and I think I want around 3000 grafts through an FUT. I've narrowed down my search to a couple of surgeons like Wong and Rahal, but through the process I was curious: How did you choose your surgeon? Additionally, is there anything I should know as I'm choosing? Thanks in advance.
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