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  1. Hi transplantedphil, Having a few questions is fine but you seem to be kicking a dead horse here. We explained that the placement did not simply involve lowering the hairline but rather the point was to thicken the frontal zone and slightly lower the hairline. Comparing this case to the one you referenced by Dr. Konior is fairly inaccurate as the logic behind the differences is sound. The Dr. Konior patient has a clearly defined area of loss in the temples. Our patient did not. He had thinning and a slight recession. When you have bald scalp as the Dr. Konior patient had, more grafts are necessary to create density so that is why he had 55% more grafts in an area of placement that was (maybe) 20% larger than what our patient received. Secondly, when you have bald scalp and fill it with hair, the cosmetic impact will obviously be higher due to the fact that if someone was bald, having hair makes the biggest night and day different. In the case of our patient, the majority of the grafts were placed into existing hair, so the effect isn’t as dramatic. I hope this explanation puts this issue to rest. Regarding the “plan”, I’m not aware of one year of medical treatment being a standard. If it is, please show us the professional reference. It is beneficial, of course, and we encourage medical therapy for all of our patients but we cannot make them take medication of any type. Further, the patient’s family history reduces the likelihood of aggressive future loss. This was discussed at length especially because the patient is in his mid-twenties. However, the good thing is that (as mentioned in the original post) he is now on Propecia, to which he is responding well, because he wishes to keep the look he has now and to reduce the chances of more surgery. This is the sensible approach and we’re pleased that he has chosen it. Ultimately, while beauty is always in the eye of the beholder, there is a reason we posted this result. It’s because the patient is happy and was more than willing to allow us to document his result to share with the group. Sometimes, a result does not need to be a night and day change to be a success. It need only make enough of an improvement that the patient can stop worrying about their problems and enjoy their life and that is all that some members are looking for.
  2. Hair Transplant Sessions: 3 Grafts Implanted: 8700 Baldness Class: 6 Surgical Procedure: Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT/Strip) This gentleman in his 60s with NW 6 wanted to restore as much of the frontal to midscalp/crown area as possible. The head size was large so we performed three procedures: 1.) 4900+ FUT, and 2.) 2800+ FUT (one year later). The 3rd procedure was a 1000 FUE procedure (5 years after his first procedure). Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After: Before: After:
  3. Thanks, Steeeve, The hairline is very age appropriate. Both Dr. Arocha and patient agree to the design of hairline before they move forward with a procedure. While some choose to go a more aggressive route, this patient wanted to keep it natural for his age. He's aging gracefully with some help from Dr. Arocha.
  4. Hi Jonzi, Point taken, although, next time we hope you might be a tad more considerate in how you comment. I always would rather share a complete set of a before/after angle with you than an incomplete set. For that particular angle, I didn't feel like the blurry photo obstructed your view to the extent to which you reference in your post. The other photos are actually quite nice. If you have an actual question about the patient or case - I am happy to answer.
  5. This patient has had great results so far using Minoxidil 5% (2x day) and Laser Therapy. Before: After: Before: After:
  6. This patient had 3000 grafts FUE and has had great results at 4 months with the help of Finasteride, Monoxidil, P.R.P., and laser treatments. Before- After- Before- After- Before- After- Before- After-
  7. 3000 graft FUE-This patient has had an amazing result at 4 months with the help of Finasteride, monoxidil, P.R.P., and laser treatments. Before After Before After Before After
  8. Hi Kiwi Guy, Yes, attaching a photo of his donor post-procedure. Thank you!