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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Any point getting a haircut a week before fue or should i just leave it?
  2. So did you take anything to help you sleep upright or was anything provided in the apartment.
  3. Hi. Hair looks great. I am at HDC next month for the same number of grafts. I am also staying there for a week. What was it like staying for a week, were you able to walk around or did you just want to stay in the apartment and recover.
  4. Am researching docs for ht in near future. I am tempted with HDC and Dr Maras but have come across Dr Eberson in Amsterdam. Anyone know much about him.
  5. am also thinking of this doctor. So did you only have to book about a month before the procedure?
  6. Looking good Ritchie. I noticed dr erdogan used nearly double the grafts quoted by the other doctors you saw. Any idea why this is.
  7. Anybody got any experiences of the maitland clinic?
  8. Am going to get some opinions from various clinics but need some advice re photos. Do you take photos with wet hair or dry? Any tips on taking the required photos yourself from the various angles as am a bit sensitive about the whole thing(lol) and dont want ask someone to take them for me.
  9. Hi. Have started to do some research re getting a ht and have a question. Are the best docs in Belgium worth twice as much as the best docs in Turkey?
  10. Hi. How long did you have to wait for a timeslot after deciding to go ahead?