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  1. Is that really ethical? Messing with peoples donor? Its like eating when your already on a full stomach. IMO that is not what an "elite" surgeon does.
  2. Just saw that case. Almost 4k grafts for a nw2 patient is CRAZY. PPL really needs to call out Dr Erdogan on that. IMO that is malpractice. Very sad to see!
  3. Don't get me wrong, he is indeed a very good surgeon. HOWEVER in my opinion he uses way too many grafts. Other elite surgeons use way less grafts than he does.
  4. I went with Dr resat altug aktas. HE DOESN'T EVEN SPECIALIZE IN HAIR TRANSPLANTATION. I feel that my integrity is violated and that my life is paused untill i get an another procedure. Because i cant even style my hair atm. The transplant looks totally unnatural and it kills my confidence. IT hurts to say, but my hair looked better before the transplant. I havent been helped at all. I gave them time, everything was fine untill i gave them the money, then they stopped responding to emails etc. EXTREMELY displeased. I dont wish this experience on ANYONE.
  5. had a HT in july 2014. Waited 18 months before i realized i wasnt getting the desired results. Tried contacting them now, all they ever said was to have a follow up procedure and to 1700 euro for that. WHY SHOULD I PAY 1700 EURO WHEN I ALREADY DID AND DIDN'T GET desired results? I guess i learnt the hard way. DON'T choose longevita.
  6. Do you think its good to only fill the temples and the right side?
  7. Thats not good to hear. I know im over ambitious but i feel that i especially need to fix my weak temples (had that since birth) and some work on the hairline seems fair enough. The before and after was just an example.
  8. I dont care if i lose hair at 40, but i am soon 20 and i wanna look my best for the next 10 years, i hope some of you guys understand me.
  9. I paid so that i can design my own hairline. I want the most bang for the buck. Therefore i wanna go extreme on the hairline.
  10. I do not have any hair loss. I was just born with a unusually long forehead. I wanna fix that. As i wear bangs to hide my forehead. My mothers father and my father did Not have any hair loss, so i guess im safe. I wanna lower the hairline to the max (i know grafts cant be placed in forehead muscles) Here is some pictuers that i edited with a new hairline its just an example of how i wanna lower my hairline. I want to lower the hairline as much as possible.