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  1. I regret having a transplant. First and foremost, i did it way too young. Was 22 at the time. Now im soon 27. I could just be happy with my natural high hairline i was given since birth, but i need a follow up which sucks, because i remember the psychological trauma attached to this. I have no hairloss and thats why i did the transplant. The reason i did the transplant in the first place was to lower my hairline but the most important thing was it to look natural. Now i hide my hairline and i usually wear some sort of a fringe. To be honest with you guys i woulda just kept my natural hairline instead of going through this process.
  2. Ok, so in the end ive consulted with many doctors, but Dr.Keser gave me a good assesment. He said i will need 750-1000 grafts and i think i will go with him. Thoughts about Dr.Keser?
  3. Please dont use Longevita. I had a failed transplant there which has caused mental and physical stress on me. My surgeon was Dr.Aktas After i contacted them about the failed transplant they sent me a new offer. To pay exactly the same amount as i did the first time. What a slap in the face. I then contacted Aktas directly and when i asked about a skype consultation he just stopped answering me. STAY away. It's better to use some more money and go to a top doctor like Dr.Erdogan. Please i beg you guys. You dont want to do the same mistake as i did. It really sucks.
  4. You should atleast wait 10 days before wearing a fringe. You need the grafts to settle 100%. 5 days is not enough.
  5. I like your temples. You just need to get ur hairline down. Dont do anything with ur temples. They look awesome.
  6. I am down to two doctors. Dr Yaman and Dr Ali Emre Karadeniz. Both same price. Dr yaman has said that he would need 1000-1250 grafts to repair my hairline (i already had an unsuccessful HT that bothers me) Dr Karadeniz has said that he needs to see me in person before he can say how many grafts i need. Im really struggling with my decision, both consultations has been good but which doctor is the safest option? Please i really need some help as this has bothered me for a while.
  7. Get on finasteride ASAP, it definately looks like ur at the start phase for loss at the crown.
  8. They did not offer any free procedure. Dr.Aktas said i could come for a second procedure, but somehow he stopped responding after i told him of specific dates. After that he lost my trust, and i will never trust longevita again, so i will go with another doctor for a second ht in the near future.
  9. As i did not have any hairloss before im dissapointed, it was my fault though. I should never had a HT in the first place. Yeah what a shame. I feel robbed having a HT done by a plastic surgeon. I am not 100% dissatisfied though. Because i know that a hair transplant works. I just think i got too little grafts for what hairline design i wanted. I wanted a dense packed hairline.
  10. Surgeon was Dr.Resat altug aktas. You can look up my older threads. It wasnt physical pain. But the emotional trauma having realized that it didn't live up to my expectations, and to realize that i need a second op. I don't wish that feeling on ANYONE.
  11. Thats what they told me too... That is just garbage. I gave it time, contacted them 1 year later for poor growth. I needed to pay 1700 euro, forget that, 1 yr previous had a traumatic hair transplant. It is just not dense enough. Im going with another doctor now. I dont know if i got too few grafts or poor growth, cuz the last few months hair grew better, but still not satisfied. I need another op cuz of dat. Its better to pay a little more for a safe doctor than to risk it like i did.
  12. I do not have any experience with this doctor, but i have with longevita, and i just have to say to stay away! Their service was horrible, after my hair transplant i asked for a refund,all they did was send a new "promotional" offer to me for 1700 euro. Stay away! Better use well known doctors here like Erdogan or Yaman.
  13. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/184974-how-many-grafts-do-i-need.html
  14. I have an older thread i made a week ago that contains some photos. Check it out.
  15. I had a HT 2 yrs ago, and for the past 3 months i've realized that im not pleased at all with the result. I've contacted DR.yaman with pictures and my history and he said he can fix it .My first hair transplant has messed with my mind and all i can think about now is getting it repaired and i want it fast. My first hair transplant was early july 2014 and it sucked going the whole summer with a hair transplant, it will be easier in the winter My question is, should i go for it? Even though im a student im willing to postpone my studies as my hairline looks fucked up and i have to cover it with bangs.The past 3 months have been horrendous and extremely depressing and deep down i want it done before christmas so i can have peace in my mind. It might sound clich? but i was more happy with my hair prior to my first surgery as i had no previously hair loss. I just had a bad hairline to begin with. I am literally so depressed that i barely go outside anymore. It might sound weird that i didnt have these concerns just untill 3 months ago, but it was a photo my mom took that i realized i cant live in denial anymore. I need 2 get something done again.