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  1. Hello voxman, That was you back in the 60s/ 70s? Looking good! You did look like a rocker back then. Impressive look. Bet you were getting all the females back then!
  2. Hello Mick50, I completely agree. I have to really learn to accept this. Thanks mick!
  3. Hello gok1025, Forgot to mention Doctor Dorian in NY. From his picture gallery his results look amazing. He is also on the top 5 or 10 best doctor's list. Check him out. Again based on your photos I can say you may need more than one approach. That is, a combination of any of these, transplantation, PRP, minoxidil and /or propecia among others. But talk with a doctor about this. We can only provide info not treat you. Good luck with everything.
  4. Hello gillenator, I hope you are right. Thank god!
  5. Link on your profile still pops an error. Not interested anymore. Have a nice day. Hello MrMatt, Appreciate that. Matter of fact I will post my images this week. Will get my neighbor's camera. You know some clinics require high resolution images (although this is not exactly a clinic). But I will submit them. Be honest when you see them though. Thanks MrMatt! Hello mav23100gunther, Yes I have tried google. But results for Erdogan are somewhat old. Plus I don't so much 'net-surfing' or cyber-surfing or whatever you call it now. Laid back myself. Wanted more updated pic
  6. Hello stuboy, First thing to do is contact your doctor about it. Send him or her pictures of this discoloring. Let me know your progress. Think positive and good luck.
  7. Hello primomusic, About the minoxidil be well aware of the initial shedding. Afterwards you will begin to grow little by little. Do not give up and good luck!
  8. Hello missi0n, Sounds good. Keep me posted on your progress. And good luck!
  9. Hello gok1025, I deeply feel your pain. You will likely be advised to get a combo of treatments including transplants. I want to wish you a lot of luck. Let me know if you have found a doctor.
  10. Hello MrMatt, Pictures are coming soon. But for now am gathering info about Erdogan. Apprecaite the question.
  11. Hello Ernie, I could not find your images. When I click on the link on your profile it gives an error. Interesting.
  12. Hello everyone, Doctor Erdogan is in my list of doctors and am considering to see him. Is there anyone here who has had a procedure with him? Could you share your experiences and any problems? And how did you pay for the procedure?
  13. David, Concerning the harassment we talked about, the 2 members above this post, hsrp10 and stig, have posted harassing comments as you can read. I respectfully ask that as a serious and fair moderator I am hoping you are that you seriously curtail their harassment. This is the disruption you are complaining about that you mistook is coming from me. As you can see I have not addressed them at all. I am having a conversation solely with you as a mature adult. I want to enjoy this site in peace without any abuse. I would appreciate your fairness in this matter. Thank you.
  14. Hi pkipling, I am in the same boat. Hot water dries my scalp also. It is definitely from the temperature. Same thing happens in summer. But in winter I need to wash in hottish water since it is winter. It is a rock and a hard place scenario.
  15. David, Well I do admit I do not understand why you were not able to receive my complaints. I will look into that. It is strange I agree. So far I have respected the terms of service as my posts prove. I am trying to work with you. But with all due respect you are not willing to extend your hand. I have gotten nothing but resistance from you and others. I am sure you have read conversations of those harassing me and you simply chose to ignore that. That is unfair. A moderator's responsibility is to prevent disruption not let it continue. Again this is said with all due respect, I am st
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