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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men

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  1. Thanks Spanker, i appreciate your input. Do you think it is now safe to start applying rogaine? Thanks again!!! Will be great if i can get more replies from more folks in this forum. Thanks guys!
  2. I just had my second HT to add density to the previous HT i had about 14 months ago. I am 3 weeks post op second HT at the moment and will like to ask some questions: If i ever end up with shock loss, is it going to affect my transplanted hair from the previous surgery? Will rogaine be able to stop shock loss and when can i start using rogaine? When can i start working out? Nothing crazy for now, i am aware that weightlifting can stretch my scar so i am looking at running and probably push-ups/pull-ups Any advice on what i can do to make my scar less noticeable and smaller? Any advice or input will be appreciated. Thanks guys!!!
  3. Hi gillenator, when will you advise someone that has a strip procedure to start light exercise like running and push-ups? Thanks!
  4. Thank you guys so much for your inputs and advises. It honestly means a lot to me despite the damage has been done. You guys taking time out of your lives to address my issue/concern and caring about my results means so much to me. I will start exploring the options you guys listed and keep you posted on my journey. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks guys for taking out time to explain all these to me, i wish I had done this before going under the knife. Yes, the surgeon that did my HT was one of the doctors recommended on this website. I wish the doctor would have told me about the possibility of the scar being noticeable, stretching, keloids etc. He said I should be fine since I was only repairing my hairline with 800 grafts but I ended up getting 1300 (I am a Norwood 2 by the way). Any other suggestion or advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks guys!
  6. Hi HT, thanks for responding. It's quite unfortunate to hear that my scar has stretched. I wish I knew as much I do now before considering FUT. I was more concerned about my hairline than the scar, reverse is the case now. My hair looks better when it is low cut but I guess I'll never have that option which is quite unfortunate. Thanks for highlighting all my options, I appreciate you taking the time out to do that. When do you think will be the best time to start considering those scar revision options? Which of the options has more success rate and do you have any doctor that you can recommend? Also is it possible for the scar to spread further than that? I started working out last week, I'm hoping that's not the reason for the stretch. Thanks again for your input!
  7. First of all, i regret getting FUT. The main reason why i got FUT was because i didn't have enough money and i do not want to finance. Now that i think about it, i wish i had waited few months to save up for FUE. Anyways, i got my procedure done about two and half months ago and i am really stressing about the outcome of the scar more than the result of my hairline which was the primary reason of going into surgery. I will attach some pictures to this post so you guys can let me know if my scar is healing right and if it is stretching or not. Does anyone know what i need to avoid so it doesn't stretch and what i need to do to make it better? Any input will be very appreciated.
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