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  1. Thanks for posting those pictures! Am already looking forward to the next lot in a month. Hoping for you that the new hair starts growing sooner rather than later.
  2. Hi Michael, thanks you very much for your response. My intention was not to specifically establish my own donor hair count, it was more of a curious nature to understand the bigger picture of a HTs. So no disappointment from your post. I guess a driving factor for my question was also the following: When I eventually go in for my first HT I'd like to preserve as much hair in the donor area for two reasons, 1) to simply keep the density at or as close to where it is now and 2) to keep as much donor hair for future HT that might be unavoidable once I loose more hair. At the same time I'd like to get as much hair as possible for my first HT to give the whole procedure an impact that hopefully will keep me out of trouble for 5-10 years (maybe too optimistic?). So at the moment I'm investigating BHT and would prefer to take the bigger chunk of transplanted hair (hoping for 5000 to 6000 grafts in total, incl. scalp hair) from either (or a mix of all) chest, abs, beard, underarm or pubic zone just below abs. I guess another question which is on my mind is the following: Let's say a patient has a ideal donor area, fairly large with high hair density, but maybe with hair diameter on the thinner side. If we then take somewhere around 5000 grafts out of that donor area, is this noticeable? Not really? Very much? I guess that's something I want to avoid. I welcome feedback and discussion from yourself, Michael, or anyone else that wishes to comment. Thanks again.
  3. I'm not talking about money here. I want to know when a Dr. considers a donor area depleted. How many hairs will be left? From a perfect donor area, how many does he take? Every second? Every third? As per OP.
  4. Hi guys, I've read about hair transplants for a while now and am ready to take the plunge hopefully soon. But there is one thing that still puzzles me, and I thought before I hassle one of the many qualified Physicians with the question I'll try my luck here, hoping the answer could also benefit others. I'm interested in FUE and FUE only. How does a Dr. determine how many hairs he can harvest from a given donor area, or in other words, how many does he actually harvest. Do they have rules that they take for example only one out of tree existing hairs and leave the others? I've heard about Docs saying that a donor area is depleted, how is that determined? Do they do a hair count on a given area and don't go below a certain density, maybe 45/cm2 ? Obviously hair needs to be left behind, but how much? I think you get my drift, I've not come across an answer to that question yet and hope you can help. In case no one knows anything about this I will ask my Dr. of choice and post the answer (or an interpretation of it) here. Many thanks, Hairmore
  5. Sector 17... Isn't that where Dr. Bhatti's new clinic is? EDIT: Appologies, it's Dr. Sohi's... Remember looking it up on google maps to get an idea of the city.
  6. Mate, don't get stressed about travelling to India. Come with an open mind and go with the flow. If you're not comfortable with local food, you will find a big array of western food and takeaways available. As for cabs etc. ask Dr Bhatti to arrange airport pickups etc for you, that way you just have to look for the guy with your name written on a card and know you can trust him. Once at your hotel, get them to organise transport for you. Just go with your guts and pick up the general vibe, from your pics you look like a street smart person. Do your research about places to go beforehand on the net. I remember planning my first trip to Asia (Bangkok at the time) years ago and i even found a photo guide for how to get from the plane to the taxi rank, including a pic of each escalator etc. In hindsight I laugh at it, as all you need is your calm and your common sense. I've never been to India either, but I know that when I go (this or next year) I'll do my best to stay away from my hotel room and take in as much of the country, culture, people and food as I can in the short time. I urge you to do the same, it will broaden your horizon and change the way you see the world.
  7. This might be already too late Adam, but from memory Dr. Bhatti mentions in one of his videos that he can provide you with a letter to obtain a medical visa. Not sure if it's any cheaper but worth a shot if you haven't done so already. I must say I'm REALLY looking forward to your experience with a BHT. I'm yet to go in for my first HT but I'd like to preserve as much hair even on the back of my head as possible, so BHT seems like a great alternative. Please keep us posted.
  8. Wow, what a great write up, glad I found it! Thanks for taking the time, I'm sure it helped lots of people putting their mind at ease or putting their thoughts about India straight. Hope it all continues well for you. How long did you stay in Chandigarh after the procedure before travelling back to the US? Just curious as to how quickly people jump back on a plane again so I can keep that in mind when eventually booking my procedure. Cheers
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, that makes perfectly sense, and also prompted me to re-think my expectations about my hairline in a positive way. I also agree with your sentiments towards desperation and rip off, that's why it looks like I'll be over in India (from Australia) in the near future once i have decided on what exactly I want and which Dr. I think will be able to fulfil this. Thanks again!
  10. Hi Johnny, mate, I'm from Brisbane and at 33 only a few years older than you. Love your pictures, thanks for keeping them updated. How did you go with travelling to India for the procedure? Did you stay a while after it was done or did you come straight back? I'm in the process of slowly getting everything organised, it's always good to get some info from someone local (to me). Cheers
  11. GNX1, do you mind elaborating on that a bit? With aggressive approach, do you mean that Bhatti only placed grafts around the hairline, rather than spreading them all over? Also, Alind, how is everything going? I'm guessing you're based in India? If not, I'd like to hear more about travelling to India, including accommodation etc if you don't mind. Thanks
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