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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood IV
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr Tejinder Bhatti
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    Rogaine Foam

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  1. DAVID OMG love the hair dude, damn you were a rock star back in the day.. I appreciate as much input as possible into this topic as i have been getting asked this question and yes i did come across the post on the HT Facebook page which is what drew me to start the discussion.
  2. Hey mate, Yes I will take a few tomorrow morning and upload them. Its been a while, pretty much 3 years now!
  3. I wish to touch on this topic as it seems to be coming up alot, in articles and the like and I often get told by people (without them putting in some thought) that age should be considered when considering getting a hair transplant. In my opinion your age is irrelevant when considering hair transplantation. At the end of the day it comes down to your hair loss to date. If all men lost hair at the same rate, then I would say yes wait until you get to a certain age to consider hair transplantation, but obviously that is not the case. We all have a different genetic predisposition for h
  4. Hey Lucky, Great results mate! Got some solid growth there. Looking forward to seeing the results at 12 months.. Regards, John
  5. Hi Raj, I would definitely wait a full 12-14 months in order to see the final HT result. My transplanted hairs continued to mature and look more thick as they grew out. Regards, Johnny
  6. Thats awesome mate!! Really humbling when i hear that i may have helped people out on their hair loss journey. Looking forward to the updates.
  7. I have seen two men in real life who have received a FUT, and decided to cut their hair short. I was turned off almost instantly due to the visible scarring. The bottom line is If you're a person who generally cuts their hair rather short, the FUE method is the only option for you. This is purely based on aesthetic reasons. If you tend to keep your hair rather long then there is no reason why you cannot opt for the FUT method. However, keep in mind there are other pros and cons to both methods which need to be considered.
  8. Hi Butch, glad you liked your trip to India and Dr Bhatti. The itching is normal and your crusts should be right about gone now. How are you feeling at the moment?? Regards, Johnny
  9. Hi Lazy, Looking good for 4 months mate... Keen to see some clearer pics How do you feel watching those little buggers grow, exciting isn't it?? Regards, Johnny
  10. Excellent results mate. I can feel how happy you are through your posts, reminds me of myself when i was posting about my experience Realistically you don't have to say much as your before and after pics speak for themselves Keep the pics coming.. Regards, Johnny
  11. WOW..8,600 grafts damn, surprised you have donor hair left!! Not surprised you had really good results with Dr Bhatti, you should have went to him for your third transplant. Doesn't matter you live and learn and its good your providing feedback to other members who may be in the same boat as you, comtemplating their 2nd/3rd/4th transplant.
  12. Walky, where did you do your HT?? I don't recall having any grafts falling out when i did mine...i do recall having hair fall out from the transplanted grafts to make way for the new hair, but not the whole graft..interesting
  13. Hey guys, I am one of Dr Bhatti's patients who underwent surgery back in mid 2012. I strongly believe in and support his recommendation on this website, as a possible surgeon for the many hair loss sufferers. Regarding the hair transplant itself I am very happy with my results considering how challenging my case was. I really don't think i could have achieved any better results. Reflecting back on the whole process If there was a satisfaction survey to be completed, Dr Bhatti and his team ticked all my boxes. They definitely exceeded my expectations. I'm not too educated on the tech
  14. From memory i paid approx $1.20 per graft. That was over a year ago so i wouldnt be surprised if the price has gone up a little. Either way it was worth every penny.
  15. Hi mate, after the procedure i took finasteride for approximately 3-4 months. The main reasons i stopped taking it was because i put on alot of belly weight on it, it destroyed my libido and my mood changed. Now i stress this is only my experience with the medication. I know many who have had good results without those nasty side effects, so it comes down to the individual.. Regarding rogaine, i continue to use it everyday on the crown area. However, you only need to use it once a day as opposed to twice a day. Once again this is my opinion.
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