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  1. Hello fellow members, Last year I bought Dr.Reddy's dutasteride capsules .5MG after my HT with Dr.Bhatti. I used them for 6 months then I stopped due to quite of bit decrease in libido. Since I am no longer taking then I would like to give away free to another fellow member. This is small appreciation of my token to this community. I have close to 7 months of supply and these caps are expiring on March'19. I believe you may continue to take them bit longer. First person to PM will get them. Regards, u2rock
  2. Hello All, I had my first HT with Dr. Bhatti back in March'14. You can find my journey with my first HT at below url link: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/175048-3875-fue-hair-transplant-dr-bhatti-india-march-19th-2014-a.html First HT didn't meet my expectation then with help of Dr.Bhatti representatives "Califnornia" and "Shera" with whom I voiced my concern and they put me contact with Dr. Bhatti. Dr. Bhatti looked my latest pics and video conference, where he listened to my concern and bit disappointment in results. He gave me some valid reasons but most importantly he said he will touch my front at NO cost to me to give me fuller look in front. During that time we discussed about 2200-2500 grafts in just frontal area would give me quite of bit density. I made my appointment with Dr. Bhatti for 26-Dec-17. I traveled from Chicago (US) to Chandigrah, where Dr. Bhatti driver picked me up. I stayed at Hotel Shivalikview . It is average hotel, room are similar to comfort Inn/Holiday Inn. You do get free breakfast and dinner buffet. There was Hotel James which is much better and newly renovated. HT day: I arrived at Darling bud clinic. Met with doctor in person and went over the area and how many grafts will need. Within 30 mins, I was on surgery table/bed where Dr. Bhatti started to work on donor area. Toward the end of harvesting, Dr. informed me that he could only harvest about 1900 grafts without depleting my donor area completely. Once doctor done with harvesting then lunch break took place. Hair placing came in picture. I've about 3 techs were working on me at given a time. Dr. Bhatti occasionally stopped by to check-up on me and his staff. I remember most the staff from my previous HT, couple of them moved to high positions (yayy). I was in surgery room until 5pm, I was taken to hotel by Dr. Bhatti's driver who happened to be very generous and helpful person. Next day, I came in for follow-up. My head was washed, showed how to clean and take care of next couple of weeks. I was given a chart which explained when and what to take, clean, spray and other important stuff. Here is my HT graft count: Total - 1913 Singles - 348 Doubles - 1143 Triples - 422 Now I have about 1000 grafts left for future transfers.
  3. Hello, Did you ever created a forum for your HT with Dr. Bhatti? How do you feel about your results? Do you have recent pics to share with community?
  4. I haven't heard from doctor yet. In my previous posts, Dr.Bhatti's rep "California" just defended but no action or gave me guidance from that side. Lets see if I hear anything at this point.
  5. Hello, I am finally attaching pics of final results. My HT was on 19-March-14 with 3875 grafts: Singles - 779 Doubles - 1705 Triples - 1391 I never took anything after the surgery but at the same time never lost hairs with few here and there. At this point, I am looking to put more density in frontal and little bit in crown if there are some donor hair available. First time I've got done FUE. Should I consider FUE again? Do you think my hair density should look like this after 3875 grafts? Pre-surgery pics are on first page. I'll be doing some homework who is the best and economical at the same time. I don't mind traveling if needed. Share your thoughts but do not go off topic/subject
  6. Gents, I've been bit busy lately. I've just passed by 11 month mark. I'll post my recent pictures within few days. I just got new haircut today
  7. tk, really good results. Keep taking those meds and rogaine foam to improve your results.
  8. @Wood: I am hoping for good results after 12 months. I am going to keep maintain and take medicals for long time. Good luck to you on best results. @California: Do you usually relay these comments to Dr.Bhatti either if they are good or not? I think learning from these comments will benefit him in the long run. If some patients aren't getting some attention from Dr.Bhatti than it means he is lagging in that department. As you know in western culture meeting patients expectation is MUST. I hope he doesn't try to run factory with HT. He does need to provide more patient care and spend more time with patients.
  9. I need your input. I've taken generic brand of Finasteride (Finax by Dr.Reddy1MG) from last 6 months (since my HT). I've noticed that my sexual desire has been decreased and so is erection. I've taken Avodart prior to HT (.5MG) on & off and I never encounter this issue. I would like to get more hair wiith these mediction but I NEED to my sex drive active I've stopped taking Finax since Thursday (9/25). I am wondering if I can switch to Dutas .5 MG (Dr.Reedy) right away which is general brand of Avodart. I have Dutas in my possession as well. Please provide your professional input or comments. Thanks.
  10. Yes I hailed from India about 25 yrs ago to States. I am from Punjab and Ludhiana district.
  11. Nizoral is good option. use twice a week. Its good to hear that you are using Rogaine which will help your grow your HT hair. Finasteride should be taken until you have healthy or full head of hair. You can can .5MG once a day for now and 3 times a week after a year. Do take other vitamins which has NO side effects.
  12. Nice Progress and wish you for best results. I understand you are not putting Rogaine but are you taking any medicine such as Finasteride? You can try dandruff shampoo with Ketoconazole which will help grow your hair. Vitamin B-12 and B-Complex is good for you as well. If you will not take any medicine than overtime you will loose your HT hairs due to higher DHT.
  13. Hello again, I didn't provide my 5th month status update because there wasn't any major changes.There isn't much change between 4th and 6th month update of my HT but I wanted to provide you status anyway. I am still taking same medications and applying Rogaine Foam once a day. I've taken some close-up pictures to show you there aren't any small hairs growing if I am slow responses. I had over 3800 grafts planted but new pictures doesn't show that many. Feel free to provide your input and comments.
  14. @Ash809: Yes, its been over 5 months now. I didn't see whole improvement from previous month so I didn't feel like posting pictures and updates. I am still on meds and treating my hair same as past. I do notice that my implanted hair at left side temple are sticking out than my original hair. I have keep my temple hair bit longer so they don't stick out. I hope your HT went smooth and good luck on your recovery.
  15. I am currently taking all the above mentioned meds. I was taking minoxidil and Avodart on and off prior to the HT procedure.