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  1. hi TR3B,i will update my recent pics soon.i am satisfied with result.
  2. hi lucky, looking good at this stage.it will be better in coming months.
  3. hello friends, i am posting my pics before surgery and after 1 year.it is really life changing result.
  4. hi lucky, you are really lucky.going very nice.i am happy for you.it is very nice result for six month.
  5. hi friends here are pcitures after 10 month.what you guys think about my result
  6. hi friends, i am posting my pics after 8 month.its really going good month by month.i am satisfied with result.hope more density in 12 to 18 month.
  7. hi U2, how r u. ? u r very close to 12 months mark.any updates.? I hope u r doing well.
  8. thanks pkipling.i a very much satisfied with my result.its really life change.
  9. hi friends, here is my 7 month pictures.what you guys thinks.
  10. hi Edinburgh76, i had surgery with dr.Ekrem civas in june and it went very good.i am very happy with result.i m at 6 month mark now.you can check my thread http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/176800-hair-transplant-ekrem-civas.html
  11. Hi CAMPBELL, Thanks for good compliment.i am also very happy and waiting for full one result.
  12. hi all, i am posting some more pics before surgery and after six month.