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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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  1. Well it's been 21 months since my visit to Dr Feller. I am still very happy with how my hair is. It's still very thick at the front. Maybe a very small loss of hair. After taking finasteride for two years, I've decided now to stop. I have been with my girlfriend for 15 months and it has seriously affected our sex life. I need to be happy and feel this is something I need to do.
  2. Cheers for all the great comments guys. It certainly was one of the best things I've ever done in my life.
  3. Well I'm coming up to 7 months and thought I'd do a quick update. Not a great deal of change since my last update. Very pleased with where I am currently. Had a grade two at the back this week. Although you can see the scar a little at that length. I still have less hair in the middle of the front where I have a scar. Although the density around it is so much better than before my HT.
  4. Thanks. Yes, it's getting harder to remember how I worried everyday about my hair. Just need to find myself a new woman now I had a bald bit in the front of my hairline since I was a kid as I smacked my head against a wall. The last few years that area has got thinner and thinner as the rest of my hair got thinner. Even that area looks better than it ever has since I had that accident. My hair isn't really thick at the front, but I wasn't expecting it to be. It looks very natural for someone who is 42. So far, yes, very happy.
  5. Thanks for the kind words. It has given me so much more confidence. I'm happy now at the five months stage. I definitely have more hair at the front than I did before I had the procedure done. So anything from here on in will be a bonus.
  6. Cheers mate. Funny how a few extra hairs can make you feel much better
  7. 5 MONTH UPDATE I haven't posted anything on here for three months so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and update. Hair seems to be coming on really well. Although I can't really see any new hairs coming through my hair looks and feels so much better. I had my hair cut number two yesterday at the back. As you can see by the photos you can still quite clearly see the scar with my hair that short. I feel confident again with my hair. I don't have to spend 20 minutes in front of the mirror any more trying to move my hair around so it looks alright. Looking forward to the next 6 months.
  8. Hey mate. Glad it's going well. I haven't bothered to post my three month photos as there really is a great deal of change from the last month. We've got the exciting stage to come now
  9. Well, I must admit I did find the period between week 4 and 7 particularly hard. I was getting frustrated and a bit down where many weeks had gone by where I couldn't style my hair how I wanted. The last 10 days I have felt so much better as I can style my hair pretty much how I used to before the HT. Although the hair at the front isn't the same length as the top of my hair yet. I think that will take another 5/6 weeks yet. Really pleased that you can’t see the scar after having a grade three at the back. Looking forward to the coming months now.
  10. Great pictures mate. Gives me and others like me who are on the journey after a HT hope.
  11. I'm ok mate. Get frustrated sometimes. Wish i could style my hair how i want. I suppose we have to realise it takes months. Glad you feel less stressed about it now. Many more ups and downs to come i bet. No other problems. Donor area a little tender like you, but no big deal.
  12. Well that's the first month out of the way. The front part of my head is still numb and slight numbness and a little tender at the back of my head, but nothing that really bothers me. It appears I have shed most of my new hairs now. If I look at the photos from today and two weeks ago, my hair now is a lot thinner at the front. The bald bit where I had a scar in the centre of my forehead is clearly visibly again now. It also looks slightly redder (more so in the pictures) than before, with the old spot now as well. My hair length is starting to get on my nerves so I’m having my first trim tomorrow night. I would say my hair is at least 4 weeks longer than I normally have it.
  13. Thanks for that. Really helps when you are at the same stage as me and Arthur are currently.