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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Dr. Thomas Wentland
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  1. gottitgood4me

    March 2013

    New high quality photos of new hair growth from Minoxidil/propecia. Propecia since approx 2000 and Minoxidil use only 2.5 months.
  2. I am really coming to understand that a succesful hair transplant is purely based off of personal perception. I see all too many photos where the patient says they are happy with the results that I would not have been if it were my head. For what we are paying for these procedures, I want better results, or a lower price. One or the other. Is that really too much to ask? It seems that many places are charging as much as they think the "average" person can afford, and providing results that the "average" person will be happy with. Hair transplantation is extremly costly compared to many other c
  3. I did send photos and call and talk with Dr. Alexander. I think I met with him last year when I lived in Phoenix. I am, of course, considering Hasson and Wong. I sent photos and had a e-mail consultation with them. They felt that 4000 grafts could be done in one procedure. The other doctor that I met with locally, in Los Angeles, felt he could do up to 2,500 at one time. He is a reputable doctor, however, I was really hoping to see more close-up post-op photos of the implanted grafts like so many other Doctors have. Post-op close-ups are a good indication of the artistic abilities
  4. gottitgood4me


    A few pics from 2010
  5. gottitgood4me


    A few pics I took in 2009
  6. gottitgood4me

    first surgery

    late 2007 Dr Wentland. Arlington Heights Il.
  7. gottitgood4me

    Looks like you NEVER had any work done, just the way is should!
  8. They both have great reputations. I suggest you LITERALLY write out a list of questions you have. Visit Doctors sites, see if they answer your questions there, then send photos for a on-line evaluation, or VIDEO, that may be even better to evaluate, post it on youtube and provide the Doctor the link. Then personally ask the Doctor your questions Then when you find a Doc that meets your expectations, possibly schedule a in-person, then have it done if it all feels right. With some effort, I think you should find a excellent Doctor you are happy with in a month or two. Some Docs may
  9. gottitgood4me

    Look at the slits, and the distances between them. I do not EVER see this on patients. Is this from less grafts and larger incisions? Please, someone give me an educated opinion.
  10. gottitgood4me

    I live in N. Hollywood now. If I can find someone excellent and local, that will be my plan. Im looking towards Dr. Soporin. I meet with him next week.
  11. I had my first procedure done in late 2007 with Dr. Wentland. My recollection is that is was more about how much I could spend than what I really needed to be happy with the results. I spent $2800 on the front hair section only. I had the option to have crown work done for a extra $700. I declined. As of today, I am sure I have more hair in the front than if I had done nothing. The hair, however is much less dense that what I believe is considered "normal" for a procedure. I am ready to do another surgery. I have pretty much narrowed down my Doctor choices to; Dr. Kenneth Siporin in LA, Dr.
  12. gottitgood4me

    It looks like you are going to have a big difference and will be very happy with the results.
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