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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood III
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Robert Dorin
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  1. where could i find your first HT post op review?

  2. No Propecia for me. I'm not against it, just don't think I need it now. Corvs
  3. Yes, yes, and yes. Yes, hair will thicken, but that takes times and is more towards the later months... Yes, of course, they'll continue to grow in length and you'll have to have them cut like the rest of your hair. Yes, see my hair loss journal, as well as many others, where one side grows in faster than the other. Totally normal, though not necessarily the norm. Looks like you're right on track for a good result for what appears to be a small amount of grafts. How many exactly did you get? corvettester
  4. One more thing... Your crown is a non-issue. I think your problem is with the styling product you're using. It's greasing it down which causes it to separate in certain areas. It's not helping your hairline and frontal third either, in my opinion. You and I have very similar hair. You shouldn't use any gel, mouse, pomade or anything with a gloss finish. You should use a paste with a matte finish. This way, it will give you're hair volume, shape and the ability to style, without giving it the "wet" or "greased" look that actually spreads hair out and makes recession and hair loss more evident. Might I suggest trying Fat Boy, Shu Uemora Sculpting Paste, or Spice Sisters... They're not cheap, but they do wonders for guys with hair like ours. Report back and good luck! Corvs
  5. I'm sorry... did someone say my name? You're second rendition is much more realistic and doable in just one pass... I'm thinking 2,000 grafts. The first rendition, though possible, is probably a two pass job, but also a serious hit to your donor bank... I'm thinking 3,500-4,500 grafts. If I were you, I'd focus on aggressively closing the corners (widow's peak) with a much straighter line, as opposed to the more curved one you drew in both renditions. Since you have such pronounced temple points, close the corners sharply because it's the indention between the hairline and temple points that is making your hairline appear so high in the first place. Remember that everything is relative. It's not how low your hairline is, but rather how low it is relative to the indention of the corners and the temple points. So you close the corners and suddenly the high hairline is less of an issue. It's what I did and it solved 90% of my issues. This is why I've written so frequently about the importance of strong temple points (which you fortunately already have), because they put everything else into relative perspective. Corvs
  6. Depends upon how tall you are... If you're taller than average, 5'9" or above, I would go for option 2. However, if you're only average height or even short, I'd go for option 1. My reasoning is that thin crown will be much less noticeable if you're taller than most people because they'll always be looking upwards at you. If you're on the same level as most, or shorter, any hair loss will be much more evident. So the even spread would benefit more. Good luck! Corvs
  7. It's easier in ever aspect, especially in the post-op recovery. I was literally back at work the very next day and I'm no hero when it comes to such things. See my review from my first procedure. My first FUT knocked me on my ass. I was in bed for days. It was painful, uncomfortable and I could hardly sleep. I was drugged up for over a week. Also, having the sutures removed was a painful and unpleasant experience. My second FUT was significantly easier than my first as I knew what to expect. Also, my body took to it better than the first. It was definitely less painful. However, still doesn't compare to how minimal FUE is. I was able to conceal the procedure very well in the donor and recipient area due to my long hair. However, I'm sure that inquiring eyes could have noticed if they tried, but I couldn't have cared less about that. I'm not embarrassed about my procedure... it fascinates me. If you've followed my experience and posts, you'd know that I am among the first to call BS on the "minimally invasive" term applied to FUT. It's only minimally invasive from a medical perspective, you know, like a colonoscopy. From a physical perspective, I found it to be extremely painful and uncomfortable. Fortunately, I had plenty of pain killers to make it bearable. I hope this clears it up. Corvs
  8. No, I wouldn't do it any differently because I needed more grafts than FUE could have accomplished in one session. As far as price is concerned, I don't really think it's that expensive considering what you're getting: a team of technicians, doctor, follow up care, etc... these things cost money. I put it on a no-interest payment plan and had them paid off in about 6 months. More importantly, the feeling of having a nice head of hair, a great result and not worrying about my receding anymore has been priceless...
  9. I forget. Maybe a T&D rep can chime in... If not, I'll ask next time I'm there. Corvs
  10. I noticed that too. It has to be a transplanted hair because the only place that I've ever had any grey hairs was on the sides. However, I don't do any hair coloring or highlights. I don't think that stuff is healthy for the hair, but maybe I'll change my mind if I tart to get a lot more grey in the near future. As for now, I just have the stray grey hair or two. Nothing noticeable unless, of course, you zoom in on my hair with a high res camera.
  11. Hey guys, So I ended up going in for my third HT back in mid September, just haven't got around to posting any pics. This time I elected for an FUE procedure. I have to say that it is every bit as easy and painless as everyone claims. It definitely was a breeze compared to FUT. I was pretty happy with the final result from first two HTs, however, there were still a few areas were I wanted more density. I'm hoping that this last procedure will take care of these trouble spots. Either way, there is a dramatic improvement from where I started. I was a NW3/NW3.5 and now I feel confident claiming NW1 status. I have a fairly strong hairline now and I cannot tell the difference between my native hair and the transplanted hair. Further, I feel completely confident in public wearing my hair combed back, fully revealing my hairline. In fact, I do so a few times a week now. I've had several people tell me that I look better with it combed back... more mature, more serious, etc... Funny story... I recently had the opportunity to meet Heidi Klum. The first thing she said to me was "I love your hair." I played it cool though, I was like "yeah, I just woke up... whatever, whatever..." I was totally going to ask her out, but I couldn't get her alone long enough, what with all the hair, makeup and wardrobe staff buzzing around... I wouldn't have even cared if she rejected me outright. I'd have asked her out just to say I had the balls to do so! She's a little out of my age range, but ya never know... LMFAO :cool: Long story short, I'm feeling pretty good about my hair these days. Thanks Dr. Dorin! Corvs
  12. Everyone I know noticed, but then again, it's because I showed everyone I know. Pretty much everyone thought it was the coolest thing since the iPad. They all asked a lot of questions and it started a lot of interesting conversations. It was like show and tell all over again. The funny thing is that, so far, women seem to be the most interested in the procedure, risks, costs and my motivations for undergoing it. I still don't understand why anyone should feel embarrassed or ashamed about it... Corvs
  13. Looks like Joe has been reading my metadata... Actually, I took the photos: no tripod, no timer. It was a pain in the ass holding that heavy thing up for so long, and I had to take 50 pics just to get 5 that were useable! Autofocus is very challenging at arms length. I wish I had a prime lens, but instead I used my EF 24-70mm F/2.8 lens. I'll be getting the 85mm F/1.2 by my one year update, so I'm sure those pics will be even better. Yes, I'm the proud owner of the new 5D MarkIII. I use it mostly for video though since I work in film production. I got a lot of respect for Nikon though, especially their glass. corvs
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