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  1. Thanks everyone for the input. I decided it’s best to hold on on anything at the moment
  2. It’s also like, do I want to deal with the recovery and all too? FUE isn’t nearly as non-disruptive as they claim. You still have to deal with shaving down the donor area, shock loss, and additional scars. It’s not entirely non-scarring no matter what they say. So you have to consider that you could get minimal gain for such a small area, but risk additional scars that could disrupt your current styling approach. I’m just wondering why not hold off and wait for something different to come along.
  3. I’ve been tracking for a while. I mean it’s there and I’ve been doing research, but it’s not something that’s particularly bothersome. It’s easy enough to conceal through styling. The only reason I looked into it now was due to quarantine. I feel like it’s (hopefully) a once in a lifetime chance to pull off something like this with no one noticing. I’m just afraid I’ll rush into it now and creat a larger problem (more scarring, heavy shock loss, etc.). The crown seems easy to fix, but after researching, it’s actually MORE complicated than the hairline.
  4. I also have concerns about scarring in the donor area (I’d go with FUE) and the area around it continuing to bald. I’m just don’t want to be in a position when I’m constantly having to go back in to cover it
  5. Thanks everyone for the input! TBH I’m just really worried about the hole growing and requiring another one. Also, shock loss on the crown sounds terrifying. Has anyone had any experience with shock loss for an operation there?
  6. Thanks. Never tried that. My concern is the hole growing after or there being heavy shock loss this time around. That was pretty unpleasant last time
  7. So - I’m getting a ton of conflicting info. I’m 37, have been on Rogain and Propecia for 15 years. The loss has more or less stabilized. Is now the time (given my state of loss) for a crown procedure? I already had 2 successful FUTs in my hairline, and I feel like I’m rolling the dice with having a third. It was bothering me, but now I’m questioning it might cause more harm than good. Aside from Rogain and Propecia, what other options show I use to maintain or possibly improve my crown situation.
  8. Thanks! I def not expecting ‘scarless’. It’s just a matter of how scarred. So it is possible to do with a #1 even OVER the scars...
  9. Hi everyone, I’m getting 1000 grafts FUE. I’m wondering if anyone can post some pics of their experience. Right now, I fade my hair down to a 1 in the back. I’m wondering if this haircut will still be possible without showing the scarring. thanks
  10. Ha, yes I agree. Perhaps I should elaborate, I’ve been experiencing hair loss for 15 years. I’ve been using Propecia and Monoxidil since theN. And it has mostly arrested the loss.
  11. So I’ve had 2 procedures done to the front of my head. What are some of the things I should look for doing the crown area?
  12. Thanks! I do appreciate the candor! I cut my hair pretty high and tight as is. So I’m more concerned about the scabs being visible, as opposed to the length of hair. The doctors said that they can work to buzz it down so it doesn’t look so pronounced in donor area. i can live with the thinning, basically, but less with the scabs. How long until you think those traces will remove? I know It sounds like I’m asking the same question, but just seeing what I can do to minimize the disruption
  13. Thanks everyone. This is the shave down option. In my case (its very minimal crown work that would only be about 1000 grafts), they’d shave down a small area - see the pics below. It’s actually very similar to my natural haircut. My concern is when the scabs would fall away
  14. Hi Everyone, While I know FUEs offer better long term results in terms of reduced scarring, a major concern of mine is the fact that donor area has to be shaved pretty tight during surgery, so it’s tougher to conceal in the days/weeks after surgery. Does anyone have any experience with positive attempts at concealing these scars (Dermatch, cosmetics, etc.). How long will it be until the donor area is not noticeable?
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