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  1. Guess you've misinterpreted my post. My post was about being able to see other members' posts that have photos hosted on Photobucket and not finding a photo hosting site for my photos
  2. Oh, and I had a question too. I used the same email id/user name combination that I have used on the present HRN site to create my account on the new site. I assume we will end up with the ids/posts merged and not with one id overwriting the other when the new site goes live
  3. My quick thoughts based on a few minutes of usage. It is also possible I have missed seeing/exploring all the options available on the new site, 1. Formatting - There does not seem to be a formating/font selector option when posting threads/responses, only a size selector option is available 2. Bookmarks - This is something I had just mentioned via another forum thread. As someone who likes to keep track of specific threads/posts/patient cases/surgeons, it would be helpful to have a bookmark feature within the site without having to create an id or store them on third party sites 3. Space - Relative to the present site, the new site seems to use far more real estate for the same text lengths (maybe, this is just me?!). While this isn't necessarily an issue, it would force readers to scroll a lot more
  4. Hello, Are there ways to bookmark threads on this forum? I see there are Linkback options to mark and share via third party sites (Digg and the like), however, I couldn't find any feature that would allow me to bookmark threads and store as part of my HRN profile. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. I was not even aware that this was even possible! I always thought that #scars = #procedures. Assuming a patient ticks all the right boxes with regards to laxity, donor density and availability, would a surgeon have any other reason (say, surgery skill level required or maybe cost) to deny him the single scar option and instead create a new donor scar? Also, do single scar procedures and trichophytic closure always go together? Thanks all for your comments
  6. As of now, looks like this arrangement is 'indefinite'. Here's an article
  7. Thanks for chiming in Steeeve. I tried looking up this topic and found a couple of articles that seem to mention that the areas immediately above and below the occipital bump have the most 'safe' hair. I could make out if there's some more science to this On the scar lengths, I did search quite a bit before posting this question, the majority of the scars I could find are the typical ones we see all the time. I could find maybe one short scar for every 100 long ones, so, I am starting to think that FUT just doesn't chosen at all for small graft requirements Ok, I find this interesting. Does this mean that even after one has a second (or even a third?) FUT, one could potentially end with just one scar? Would this also mean that the size of the final scar, in terms of the width, would increase instead? Thanks
  8. Many posts that have images hosted on Photobucket seem to have issues. All I could see are Photobucket messages where the actual images were supposed to be. Below is the image I see. I wonder if it is just me or it a common issue
  9. I guess the first things that get noticed in someone's hair are the hairline and the temporal points. I have seen numerous examples here where the best of results in terms of coverage and density somehow seem to fall flat from a hairline and the temporal point design perspective 1. Many clinics seem to design hairlines/temporal points in sharp/straight lines and angles that end up looking artificial. Are there any surgical reasons for this practice? 2. I remember reading on some cases where the surgeon had effectively used 'random irregularities' in designing the hairline in an effort to mimic nature. Why don't more surgeons use get 'artsy'? 3. One of my main worries with an HT would be ending up with an artificial looking hairline. Are there ways for patients to assist surgeons with designing a natural hairline and temporal points? Do sample pictures really help or do surgeons have their own way regardless? Also, do any surgeons make use of simulation software to simulate and show patients an 'after' state before surgeries so the patients know where they are headed? 4. Are there any design gold standards that patients should consider when discussing their hairline and temporal points design with their surgeons? Thanks
  10. Thanks Gillenator, understood. While I understand the factors you've mentioned, I somehow don't remember ever seeing a strip that's shorter than what's typical. Could this be because patients always prefer FUE for smaller graft (as in my example) requirements? Thanks
  11. Hello, I had some questions on strip/scar placement and sizes 1. Do the strip sizes (or, should I refer to them as lengths?) vary based on an individual's graft needs? Say someone decides to go for an FUT and he needs only around 750 grafts. In this case, will the strip be still the typical ear to ear or will be customized/shortened so that it is only as long as something that would give the required number of grafts? I don't remember seeing a shorter strip ever, so, I wonder if a strip is always a standard length 2. For someone undergoing multiple FUTs, how are the strip locations chosen? Are the strips always below or above existing strips? Apart from the safe-zone consideration, are there other factors that determine where the strips are made relative to an existing strip/scar location(s)? Thank You
  12. @Mattj - I thought if an SMP procedure was done well, the results could deceive even a surgeon. I initially thought it was just me, thanks for clarifying! @Shampoo - Yes, someone in the SMP forum has linked it too. Here is the post
  13. Hello, Is it possible to have a normal FUE and an FUE into an FUT scar performed as part of a single procedure? Assuming such a procedure is surgically possible, how frequent are such procedures and are there are any probable disadvantages to account for before considering such a procedure? Thanks
  14. Alright, got it. Thanks Bill and Shampoo for your comments Thanks