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Day 11



Not a great deal to share but I might as well. Still waitig on the op day pics from BHR and then I'll do a full report!

Last week ws MURDER!!!! I was unlucky enough to get nerve pain in the back of my head (1 in 6 chance) and little did i know that occipatal nerve pain can simulate the exact symptoms of a migrane so not only did I have a very nippy back of my head but screaming headaches as well. Add to this the fact I was on edge all week for fear of bumping the grafts and being all scabby didn't help.

Anyway since day 8 I've been able to wash my head with baby shampoo and the difference has been great. The headaches have pretty much gone (stil a few here and there) and all the scabs from the recipiant area have fallen off leaving a purply pink scalp undernearthbut I think that's fading fast. I will say that the hairs don't quite blend in with my natural hair but since they are going to fall out soon and re-grow from new I'm guessing they will look more natural then.

No shedding yet bar one or two hairs coming out so patiantly waiting on that happening. It looks like the hairs are growing but Stephen the BHR rep said it was just the dead hairs being pushed out the shafts so it's sad that my new hairline will have to go before I can enjoy it again.

I'm getting my head buzzed down next week for sure. It's still very long at the top and although I tried to get away with a 90's style udnercut with a pony tail the fact that the front is also shaved defeats the purpose so beats get it all off. I've shaved my whole face yesterday as well and I'm going to have a race between my head by growing a beard from now on. Trouble was that without any kind of facial hair I forgot I look like a chinless potato so the sooner it starts to grow in the better.

Thinking back to the procedure itself. it really was nothing and was over in the blink of an eye. I'm actually considering getting some other work done if and when I can afford it. I had horrible acne when i was a teenager and it left me with a few pock marks on my face and a few years ago I had a patch of dermatitis on my face which the doctor foolishly gave me steroid cream for so after a few years ofl lashing that on my face it's made my cheeks sag a bit which has made the pock marks even more noticable so perhaps some sort of surgical lift to stretch it out a little becasue when I lift my cheeks up with my figer everything goes away and looks great.

If anyone reading this has any info on such procedures in the UK then please fling them my way as it would be good to research right now.

But back to hair, I guess it's just a waiting game now and it IS a bit frustrating knowing that I'll have to shed first before growth but hey, that's the game!!!


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