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Time stands still.......



Well I'm day 5 post op and honestly....it feels like 3 months!!! Time is passing so slowly it's horrible, especially as I'm bored out of my skull with no excercise to do and a month off of work.

I think I just want this week to be over as I'm constantly on edge for fear of bumping or accidentaly touching or scratching the grafts. On day 8 I'm allowed to go under the shower and gently massage the recipient area with special shampoo so not only will I be somewhat out of the danger zonebut it will get rid of the crusts on my scalp which have been itching like f**k the last few days. At least if I can even do the old trick of tapping gently when i get an itch it will be fine but this zero contact has me eating my fist.

Another thing that's cropped up that I was hoping to avoid is nerve pain in the donor area. It's ok most of the time but really seems to flare up after applying cream and massaging and it gets pretty nasty last thing at night, so much so I have to pop painkillers to be able to get to sleep. Funny thing is that it's not actually painful in a traditional sense, more of an extremely uncomfortable tingling that gets nippy sometimes. Last night I could feel it starting and it actually spread through my whole body but the painkillers kicked in and went to sleep and was fine in the morning.

I really want to buzz my whole head down as well becasue the doc only shaved a patch at the back and at the front and left the rest long which is quite tickly on the back of my head if I don't keep it pinned up and is quite messy when applying cream. Wearing a baseball hat instead of a bandana would be good as well as I feel a bit chemo-ish with it on, especially as today I tried to buzz down some of the longer hair at the sides and made a complete patchy pigs arse of it. I don't think a cap will be allowed for a few weeks yet though

I think I've watched every film known to man in the last few days, I'm even re-watching the Nolan Batman trilogy as we speak just for something to do even though I watched it very recently. My flat is also ridiculously immaculate as I think I've just constantly cleaned to keep busy

I do actually have a few creative projects that I could do but I know that if I don't have at least 80% of my attention on my grafts I'll unconciously run my fingers through my hair or scratch and when I'm engrossed in composiing music or making a video game I need to focus on it and t's just too dangerous right now.

Well that's my rant over for now. I'm quite chuffed with how the hairline looks, I just wish it was hair rather than scabs that make it but once this week is over and a bit of contact is allowed I'll feel safer and after 2 weeks I'll start to get back to somewhat of a normal life.

Until next time.....


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