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Well I'm midway through week 4 post op. I really should get off my arse and do a good write up of the procedure but busy days have come since getting back into my old routine.

So how's it been? Well good and bad I guess.

Good in the fact that I have somethig to look forward to I can't wait until it starts growing in and I can really play with the comb. SO many different styles I want to try out that I just wasnt brave enough to when I had a strong hairline whe I was younger.

The bad is the fact that time seems to be passing so slowly but yet so fast. The novelty of the shaved head has long since passed and now that shedding has really got underway I'm left with a buzzed head that really shows off my receding hairline and absolutely jo trckery to cover it up. The redness of the scalp is still very much there but it is fading slowly but surely.

My plan was to keep buzzing it until the hairs sarted to appear but I've had enough of this look so I'm just letting it goand the transplanted hair can catch up when it starts to grow. I can always get a trim to even it all when the time comes but for now I just need some length. I've also decided to grow a beard to keep myself occupied and also to take my mind off my head. Did a cmplete clean shave 2 weeks ago and I'm not touching it at all for a whole month. After that I'll decide whether to trim and style it or just go full mountain man.

One thing I have noticed....and I was afraid of this, is that the grey in my hair is really starting to come through now that eveything is the same length. My beard has a healthy amount of grey on wither side of the chin as well so I gave in to vanity and bought myself a beard dying kit. It serves a double purpose as I always wndered what I'd look like with a brown beard as, although my hair is dark brown, my beard is a mongrel mix of black, brown, blonde and ginger so it might be nice t make the whole hairy package a little more uniform.

I can't think of much else to say other than 'hurry up'. I know I'll have at least (if I'm lucky) another 2 months of the rest phase before the hair starts growing again and I just want that to hurry up so I know that tangible progress is being made.

Yes the honeymoon period is well and truly over and the settling in to married life is a long way off so the limbo in between is going to be a hard one. I'm also trying to get in shape again as just two weeks post op of sitting on my arse eating chocolate has made me gain a few pounds so I can't even have a drink until the end of the month and progress has been made. Everything seems to be on track though so we'll see.


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