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Day 10 Pic



Well.....here's a pic

i remain very pleased with my experience with my procedure with dr vories

the procedure didn't hurt during. afterwards it hurt. oddly, the donor area hurt alot more than the crown where the hair went.

some hair has already started shocking out. not a huge amount, but it has not been that long.

yesterday was my first day the instructions said i could was my hair. i'm still being super careful.

in the pic you can see the one place i bumped my head,

i went hiking this past friday and my body is fine. it has been the whole time. but i get carsick easy and combined with my head being achey, it was not a great idea. the hike was easy,. the drive back was hard.

if i had been in a position to do this 5 years ago, i would have.

i think i will limit things that required recovery to things i cannot fix with exercise. i could not workout and get my hair back. but i don't see myself getting lipo. i can see how people can get inadvertent addictions since you spend so much time afterwards doped up.

i went back to work monday no issue. my followup is this upcoming friday.

although i could now, i am waiting until after that to return to the gym


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Thank you for keeping us updated on your progress.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator and Editorial Assistant

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