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today was the day




i got up at 7am to give myself time to make it to 9am at Dr Vories near Carowinds

he introduced me to his 2 techs and i got to meet Mike, who i'd been emailing with.

it was 2000 grafts. i feel asleep during this part with the neograft. then we had lunch.

afterwards, i watched prometheus and then the first half of greats gatsby while he did the insertion of the FUE grafts with his implanter

at that point, the anesthetic was wearing off. i was hoping to get home easily. everything at CHS was easy, perfect...no problems....if i need later procedures, they will definitely be my first choice

the ONLY bad part of the day was the drive home. i opted not take take the valium so i could drive myself. benzos are for anxiety, and i was starting to have some pain like a bad sunburn. in good traffic, i could have made it to the pharmacy easily and fast. however, there was a huge blowout flooding rainstorm and it took me 2 hours to get to walgreens and then home. but then everything was fine and that was no reflection on CHS....if i had it to do over, even having the meds in advance would not have helped much since that was near my house. just getting accross Charlotte at rush hour in a flooding rainstorm was what took the time. having a driver would not have helped...actually that would have been worse because i sometimes get car sick as a passenger....

i will post photos later.....




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Congratulations! Look forward to updates.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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