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ok...so these are not great photos, . i was off fin for a few months last year and lost those gains. i'd not yet regained anything as of these photos. we are focusing on the crown in my first HT. i'm comfortable with the density at the hairline and the hairline itself. i never had a low forehead, even as a child. since these photos, i took the hair down to a 2 guard so i'd be used to having very short hair for a while. i have a better shot of the crown on my phone i can post later.

the doctor describes the focus area as being the size of a DVD and we are going for 2000 on this pass.

when i restarted fin, i had the same tingly feeling on my scalp a few weeks later as when i first went on it. it's hard to describe exactly. it's different than an itchy scalp.

in my consult, the doc said i had enough donor hair in the safe zone to do many more procedures down the road if i need to.

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Thank you for sharing.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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