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Taking the plunge



So, I'm a 39yo male , a norwood 3v. I've been on fin since age 23 except for a few months last year (long story). I had some shock when I restarted. Anyway, all my uncles on both sides are bald and my dad had a hair restoration around my age. So I knew this was coming and I wanted to have it done so I could hope to have a good result by my birthday next Feb. I looked around and decided I like Dr Vories after meeting him. I was able to ask him a boatload of questions and he was adept at giving me answers that didn't sound like PR. I was initially booked for later this month, but they had to reschedule me til next month. I'm excited. I went ahead and buzzed my head down to a 2 guard. I'll just keep it short until any shock loss has resolved and regrowth has started.

I'll post more later.


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Congratulations! Look forward to updates. Best of luck with the upcoming procedure.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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Hello. I'm curious about your recovery, pain and if you recommend dr vories?


Thanks buddy!

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