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1 month out!



I am now 1 month out from my FUT done at Bosley San Francisco. Shock loss has definitely set in. I am much balder than before the procedure. I continue to take my generic finasteride for maintenence and protect my scalp from sunlight. I do feel much better, as I no longer have much pain. Just some numbness and tingling from both my donor and recipient sites. I must admit though that the shock loss has been terrifying. I received 1581 grafts to my crown, and the grafts were widely placed. So I have had quite a bit of loss of "normal" hair. From what I have read, this is hopefully a temporary phenomenon. Had I had prior knowledge of the extent of possible shock loss, I am not quite sure that I would have moved forward with this.

In addition, last night I had one small area of bleeding. Not sure if this was a burst pimple, or a lost graft, but it was kind of weird. Overall, I am hopeful, but have been a bit disappointed thus far. I had quite a bit of discomfort the first several weeks, but have been recovering now and feeling better. Than the whole shock loss thing has been very difficult. To actually see yourself getting worse has been really rough. So 1 month out, here I am..


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Sounds like you are experiencing some shock loss. Don't worry, it is perfectly normal to look worse before you begin looking better.


After a month I don't think a lost graft would bleed. I wouldn't worry about it though. Even if it was a graft it won't make a difference to your final outcome.


I know how you feel. Hang in there. The waiting is tough but it's worht it!

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