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2013-05-25 One Month After



Not a whole lot to report really. The scar gets smaller every day and is harder and harder to see which is great. The transplanted hairs keep falling out (as expected). For a while there they seemed to be falling out pretty quickly but have slowed down again I think. I would have expected more of them to be gone by now, and in fact I kind of look forward to them being gone because my hair is in kind of a limbo jenky-state. I'm hesitant to show anyone this state because I DON'T want them to think that THIS is the transplanted hair quality. It's patchy and looks pretty bad all things considered. Most of the numbness in the back of my head has gone although there is a little bit still. This morning (26th) is the first time I remember laying on a pillow and not being very aware that I was laying on a pillow. It felt kind of normal, but then when driving in my car today I could feel my head on the headrest. It sorta feels like I'm wearing a metal Yamaka (and I'm not Jewish, so I can only imagine what that feels like, but the idea is that there is a hard round shape on the back of my head). My previous hair slowly growing in more and more, and I wish it would hurry the hell up, at this rate of growth it will be MONTHS before I can actually style it, and that is frustrating me honestly -- I knew it would take a while for the new hairs to grow, but I didn't really count on the old hairs to take this long either.

Once you go Black, you never go back...

Well, that's what they say at least. It's been 18 years since I had black hair. I was told I could re-bleach my hair after 4-6 weeks, but I figured I didn't want to chance bleaching the new transplants and causing damage to my scalp or the little guys for that matter. So I decided I'd just dye it black for now and hopefully it would help camoflage the new hairs growing in. This actually didn't really help do much of anything honestly. The dark hair contrasts with the red of my scalp so I'm kind of screwed either way.

One alarming thing I'm starting to notice is long hairs falling out. I don't know if this is the normal amount of hair I'd always lost, but since it was blonde before I never noticed, or if this is shock loss (and since they're black now, I see them more). Either way I hope it stops -- and soon!



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Thanks for the update!


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

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