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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 2 day




Post Op 2nd day - 11th March

Again only slept for two hours...Not because of the procedure because of the heat in the hotel room. I just spent most of the night browsing and reading on my Ipad and watching some Dexter series. Unfortunately all the air con in the hotel wasn't working and this didn't help. I couldn't open the windows in the hotel as it outside the main road and has significant noise traffic. Also when you do lie down it feels like a metal plate attached to your head or lying on a hard surface. Due to the donor area being anaesthetised this feeling is quite normal and it will get better.

Apart from that again the same routine as yesterday, breakfast with the same people and also it was the other chaps last day. I wished him good luck, it was nice to have another patient to correspond with and discuss any issues like pain, dampness during the night in the donor area.

In terms of the Post Op - feeling with regards to recipient and donor area as follows:

  • Donor Area - is healing very quickly and looks less like fresh wound. I think the open air without the bandages has aided in its recovery. Pain is around 4-10. i am having shooting nerve pains which i wasn't prepared for, having googled this it is common in fue procedure as there would be some nerve damage.
  • Recipient area - Just feels numb, with no pain.
  • Swelling on the forehead due to the anaesthetics used on top of the recipient area. I've been told that i need to do some forehead massages so it subsides

Today i didn't spend most of the day confined to the hotel room. I sat outside and brief meal which assisted in the healing process. Feels better when you have natural hair hitting the donor area.

Later on the evening we decided to go out. Since it was my birthday and the managing director and his daughter took me and wifey out to the same restaurant. I was little conscious about the recent operation and was afraid that people would stare. But no one noticed and especially the restaurant was very quite. I even got a birthday cake and celebrated in Istanbul style with nice Turkish tea. I have to say the managing director and his daughter went out of the way and looked after me and wifey.

I've posted some more pictures


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