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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 3 day



Day 3 Post - OP: 12 th March


Slept slightly better today. i had over 6 hours sleep! Again the heating in the hotel room did not help with air cons not working. However today was the day to head back to UK and arrive at Manchester.


Routine was have breakfast with managing director and his daughter. They've been with us from day 1 and met up with us every morning. I cannot thank them so much with the care and hospitality they provided me and wifey. I believe we made some good friends with them and i will certainly keep in touch. I know we are both busy but are willing to take the time and effort.


Today was the day the will wash my head and put this cream on on top of my head. I had this on for 30 minutes and this was then washed with saline solution by the clincal team. They were very gentle and used spray action to rinse the cream off and the cup action with their hand to take the rest of the cream off.


In terms of the Post - Op donor and reciepient area as follows:


  • Donor Area - pain is reducing and is around 2-3/10 pain wise. i still have small shooting nerve pains but they are becoming very infrequent.
  • Recipient Area - No pain
  • Swelling is still present on the forehead, i hope it doesn't work its way down to the eyes. Otherwise it would look like i had several rounds with Mohammed Ali.

Once the head is washed we get ready to head back to the Istanbul airport. The managing director and his daughter will acompany us as they are heading back to manchester to stay for a fortnight. I do get some funny looks at the airport due to exposed donor and recipient area but i don't care since i don't know anyone from their. Majorit of the looks were men who had thin hair or reaching the same stage as i was couple days ago. I think they were intrigued to what i had done.

We catch the flight and sleep well in flight for two hours or so. I thank the the managing director and his daughter for looking after us and the excellent care they had provided us. I then pick my car up from crown plaza and head back up north! I prefer not to say as i will be revealing where i work and which city.

I have posted day 3 post pics

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Looks like things are progressing as expected. Thank you for keeping us updated.


Blake (Future_HT_Doc)

Forum Co-Moderator

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