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Hair transplant Journal - Post Op 1 day



Day 1 of post op Sunday 10th March,

In the morning took the medication and went downstairs to have breakfast. Wasn't in the mood of breakfast but need the nutrients to assist in the healing process. i had forgot to mention on the day of the operation i had met another person from UK who had his operation day earlier (Friday). He helped with the experience as we both discuss this during the morning breakfast. The managing director and his daughter was there and we discussed the operation.


To briefly describe the Post Op feeling after the operation on Day 1.


Donor Area - Slight mild pain. The pain was more of an aching pain but on a scale 5-10. I has some shooting nerve pains ever several minutes or so, but pain killers provide helped.

Recpient Area - Hardly no pain, on a scale 2-10.


We went back to the hotel room and the clinical team had taken the bandages off. My head felt cold and slightly damp but my body quickly adpated and adjusted within few minutes. The rest of the day i just watched what was on the tv and also watched some dvd movies that i downloaded. I have to say you need to come well prepared otherwise being stuck in a room does get rather tedious.I mostly felt sorry for wifey as she was very bored but as soon as she started reading her book "hungry games" she was hooked on it.

One of the good things at the hotel was it did have a WIFI and excellent bathroom with Jacuzzi, Sauna and all the nice little gizmos one would like. Unfortunately i couldn't use all the facilities and decided to have a warm bath, have the radio on with nice lighting changing. This aided in the recovery and felt that i can take advantage of some of the hospital amenities.


Its quite frightening to see what the back of my head looks like but because of 4050 grafts that were extracted I had thick hair but not densely packed. In asian/Indian men hair are usually thicker but less density. Where as caucasion individuals will have thinner hair but more densely packed. The surgeon had told me this whilst during the operation, but he told me he spread the extraction evenly to make sure he did not take too much hair in one area . I have every faith in the surgical team so I’m not overly concerned.


I have also taken some evening photos where it started to look slightly better. The pictures do make it look really bad than it is. Mind you all pictures I have taken so far is with Iphone 4 5megapixel camera


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