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1 1/2 months



So I have now been using my regime for 1 1/2 months....and it has been tough! The shedding made my hair loss look worse then it had...but it has been the greatest decision to combat my hair loss as now I have significant regrowth of white hairs(and some are growing darker) The pictures I have added you can just about see where the regrowth is recurring! Hopefully in a month of so they will be darker and you will be able to see! The quality of the rest of my hair is fantastic it feels so thick! I think this is mainly because of the ARG Matrix. It's the safest does of l-arginine you can buy and has 25 years of testing with 0 side effects! I know it's not meant mainly for hair loss but it is supposed to help maintain current hair and make it healthier, So I figured what I am regrowing back will make it stronger then just peach fuzz! It really seems to be working! I never though that minoxidil, provillus, GNC mega men sport and ARG Matrix would take effect so soon! I am sooo over the moon, every morning instead of waking up down and not wanting to look in the mirror because my hair is falling out I am waking up excited to see how it has changed over night...haha I know you can't really notice but it's SUPER exciting to see progress!!


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Getting through the shedding phase is tough. But it's definitely exciting when you start seeing regrowth. I'm glad Rogaine seems to be working for you.


Best wishes,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

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Hey Bill (Falceros)


Thanks :) I am soo excited and the Minoxidil is amazing! I honestly had my doubts about temple re-growth, like you said it's not really meant for that, but I am soo happy it's working for me! I just hope that other people who are experiencing hair loss jump on the band wagon ASAP! and do prevention and retention regimes!


Do you think the minoxidil is working on my temples because I caught it early enough?

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