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Minoxidil and Temples




This month I decided, after 4 years of my hair line receding, to actually do something about it and stop praying for some form of miracle overnight regrowth! So I went out and bought Generic Minoxild from Kirkland, some GNC Mega Men Sport tablets (for general vitamin dosages), Provillus tablets and ARG Matrix (a new L-Arginine formula that is meant to help with keeping the hair healthy as well as many other benefits)

I started using the Minoxidil and Mega Men Sport tablets on the 22nd April and the next week ordered the provillus and began taking that as well. I just started taking the ARG Matrix a couple of days ago so I will have to keep everyone informed on that at a later stage when I can start noticing effects. I've been reading all sorts of stories from all different websites but my favorite is Hair Restoration Network, so much info and research and so in depth!

This first month has been hard, I like my hair long but I began to notice that keeping it long was making it hard to put the Minoxidil treatment on my scalp and also I began thinning in the middle of the crown

I thought I originally was just receding and that I was a lucky one and was going to miss the whole crown balding... apparently not! So I cut my hair short so it was easier to apply the solution,but it has been tough to watch as there is ALOT of shedding! But I can only view this as a positive! I have started to notice some very fine white hairs coming through at the temples where there hasn't been anything for a few years, and today was the first day I have noticed that some are getting a little darker! Which has me overly excited!

I know Minoxidil is supposedly not for temple regrowth but there certainly is no harm in trying and besides I was inspired because of Zeroheats story at the Hair Loss Talk website http://www.hairlosstalk.com/interact...ic.php?t=56072

I figured that it wouldn't hurt to document my journey on here!

I have attached some before pictures and pictures that I have taken today. There is a couple of long hair.
My blog will be updated monthly and also this forum

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Thanks for sharing your story and your plans for treating your hair loss on this blog and our forum. While I try to remain mostly optimistic, minoxidil probably won't regrow hair in the completely bald areas in the temple regions. However, it's not going to harm anything by giving it a try. While medical treatments are good at slowing down, stopping and sometimes even reversing the effects of male pattern baldness in thinning areas, only hair transplant surgery is proven to grow hair in completely bald areas.


I do look forward to reading and viewing your updates and wish you all the best in restoring your hair.


Best wishes,


Bill Seemiller (Falceros)

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