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Anyone has info on LA HT group: Crown Cosmetic Surgery?

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I email one of thier rep and the surgeon names are Dr. David Larkin and Dr Magdi El Bassir but, I am trying to get more infor. She inform me that they both have 20+ years of experience. If I come up with anything new I will keep you posted. Please keep me posted as well. thanks

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Combined experience can be misleading. If 2 doctors have been in 4 yrs of med school, 4 yrs of residency, and 2 yrs of practice-- then that is 10 yrs a piece? Also, if they have been out of med school for 10 yrs each but both had been primary care doctors or other surgeons for 6 yrs and only HT for 4 yrs? See my point. One must look at the peer to peer recommendations, and what other doctors say about them.

The number 1 accolate is when a Surgeon does HT for other doctors. (Many of your top HT surgeons do surgery for other docs-- some other HT doctors themselves)

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