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Some questions before decide about HT

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Hi there. Happy to find this great forum.

I am 40 . you can see my blog here: My hair

I am serching the web almost 2 month and decide to HT. but... some questions on my mind that hopefully you can give me some answers.

First of all i am very comfused and due to my hair situation (nw3) I need 2500-3000 and maybe more grafts for my hairline+top+crown good coverege.

so my questions are:

1. Does FUE can go for me?

2.For long term survival and the growth of the grafts which is better FUE or FUT?

3. If i will need another HT in the future what is better procudure FUE or FUT in a way that i will need more grafts? Does FUE leaves me with more or less grafts for the future then FUT?

4.I thinking about some HT clinics and its very hard to decide which one is for me:

a.Transmed Turkey - Dr.Kulahci.

Does the Dr.can preform fine FUE OR FUT ?

I notice from the post that sometimes

other Dr. do the HT instesd of Dr.Kulahci

so its a little risk to pay for Dr.Kulahci

but got some other Dr.

b. Prohairclinic . (promotional link removed)

seem to preform megasession with FUE but does it realy so good HT for long term .

Dr. De Reys will retire his active career as a Doctor completely. (promotional link removed)

so a new Dr. gonna do the HT . Its scarry to fall to hends of a new unknown Dr.(Dr.Martens)

c.Dr. Jean Devroye

d.Talizi clinic (promotional link removed)

seem to preform nice job and the cost is nice

LOOK VERY PROFETIONAL but the Dr. is not in the recomended list and does somebody know this clinic?


I might fly to the U.S or Canada but it is a long flight and i prefer to try and find some fine HT clinic in Europe.

so what do you think? FUE OR FUT ? and where from my options is the best for me?


Thanx a lot.

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