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Dr Devroye - 2200 Grafts FUE

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I've done a FUE with Dr Devroye with about 2200 grafts. Below are the links of what was done (4th post op day):






My main concerns are:


1. I didn't washed my hair until 7 days post op. I was under the impression that washing needs to be delayed for 2-3 days after the surgery, and then that it could be done gently afterward. Since it didn't sounded crucial, I waited for a week, to not hurt the grafts, and then saw that it actually is important. So, how big of a mistake did I make?


2. When I started with washing today, I noticed that on the front grafted area, the grafts are with a sort of hard tiny bubbles that are hard on touch when you move fingers through them (gently course). I presume that this is normal? By this I do not mean the white bubbles that appear after you washed the hair (those vanished after 20 mins).


3. Also as you can see on the pictures, on the grafted area I got a blood crust here and there. Pictures are 4th day post up. But at current 7th day post op, I still got them. Is it normal? Or is it just caused by the fact that I didn't washed the hair? I presume I can answer that myself...


Other then that, my redness was gone pretty quickly, swellings too (2-3 days post op). And all looked pretty good at surgery days (2 days surgery).


I am going to make better pictures tomorrow as my photo battery just went dead and it is late. After the wash, things are looking more clean.



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Cleaning the area is important and now that you have begun continue to do so. You should be fine in terms of having waited, but you should follow the doctors instructions to the letter.


The crusts on the recipient could remain for a while depending on your docs washing instructions. They could be gone in ten days or three weeks.


I would say follow the docs orders and you will be fine. Take care and heal well.

My initial HT thread:

done and done!! Check it out...

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Eman, do you have MSN, AIM, Skype or any other means of contact? Would be great to talk more directly.


Love the work you did. I just checked your pictures and realized I already seen it before. Wonderful hair line!



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