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3842 Grafts// Two Sessions by Dr. Vito Quatela

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This 48 year old patient was concerned with his frontal hair line and thinning of the crown area. For his first session, the patient asked that we concentrate on the frontal hair line. He then returned for a second session to thicken up the rest of the thinning areas including the crown.


The patient had his first session consisting of 1600 grafts- 20% single hair grafts, 45% two hair grafts and 35% three hair grafts. We concentrated on the central tuft area and extended into the temporal recess using the stick and place method.


The patient returned to us a year later to do the second session consisting of 2242 grafts- 782 single hair grafts, 1113 two hair grafts and 347 three hair grafts. At this session, the team concentrated on the overall thinning and thickened up the crown area. Unfortunately, the patient lives out of town so we were unable to get all of the in between pictures of both sessions.
















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This is an excellent result. You should post more of equal sort and I am sure you will receive plenty of recognition for your work.


11/04-07 - 800-1600 ish grafts - danish clinic - poor results


12/02-08 - 2764 grafts - Dr. Devroye - good result but needs hairline density


03/12-10 - 1429 grafts - Dr. Mohmand - result pending


Feel free to visit my picture thread


My Hair Transplant Photos - Surgery with Dr. Devroye


Young lads below 25 unite!

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