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One year out from Dr Keene

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Wow - where does time go??


I've learned there are so many factors that go into a HT, that can make or break the final outcome --- level of balding, hair characteristics, amount of donor hair, skill of the physician, etc. But I've had nothing but good things to say from my own experience; would do it all over again in a heart beat.


But I have come to appreciate the idea of density, that one may expect x-number of grafts to fulfill ones expecations, but that's not always reality. Walking away from Dr Keene's office, I though my hair would be uber-thick once again. And while I'm amazed at the amount of density added, it's not what I ultimately wanted -- my recent HT of 2000 in the frontal area though leaves me confident that I'll finally get what I want.


I do want to encourage those of you considered a HT to mull over something I read on a threat sometime ago -- a HT many times ends up (like life) being a process, with multiple HTs to achieve what you would like, not a 1-time deal. icon_smile.gif


By the way, I didn't keep any of my pre-pics before my HT with Dr. Keene (and their office didn't have them), so can't show before/after pics. But if you look at my profile, I posted pics up there from my last HT.

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