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I feel like im losing hair but dont know if so, my hairline went back in the last 3 years 18-21 but gone similar to my dad hairline doctor don’t prescribe me hair loss pills and said i donr lose hair what do you think? 

in the first photos are before i showerd my hair (had eye surgery so i didnt wash it for 5 days and i showed the amount of hair fell in that shower as well)

first 2 pics is from what i described now before i washed my had

The third is while i put mask on my hair 

forth is the amout of hair that fell from running my hands through my hair (dry and wet as well of washing it)

fifth and sixth pics are from 3 years ago when i had long hair

Seventh is my dad hairline (hes 61 now)

and the last one is with dry hair 


appreciate ur response and help🙏🏼🙏🏼









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Well for one you have a full head of hair and if you have any slight recession in around your hairline, which is hard to tell from these photos, you are in a good position in any case because hair loss in manageable at early stages. 

The two other things I'd add is that you shouldn't strictly look at your fathers hair, its good that he shows no signs of loss well into the later years of life, but there can always be genetics that came from elsewhere like your mom's side. The second is shedding can be some indication of hair loss but it is not a great tell. Everyone sheds hair, so you can easily lose your mind seeing a hair fall off your head and going to state of panic for nothing. 


So my point is you can bring down your anxiety. If I were you I would try to find a handful of dermatologists/hair transplant doctors in your area to consult with in person to see if the can tell you if you are experiencing male pattern baldness. If you are you have treatments like finasteride and dutatsteride available to start halting further loss and potentially regain some density. 


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