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How long does implanted hairs sustain

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I am planning to get a hair transplant done for a receding hair line. My concern is how long can they last assuming proper care is taken. How is the experience of people here down the line say 5/10 years post-surgery? Thanks!

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53 minutes ago, Gatsby said:

If you go to an elite surgeon who knows what he/she is doing and you’re on medication to stabilize your MPB you should be fine. Genetics though also plays a key part. 

Absolutely correct 

There is no cast iron guarantee transplanted hair won’t eventually fall. Mother Nature in the end rules but there are steps like Gatsby says you can take to slow down or stabilise things. Some respond better than others.

Age is also a big factor. There’s far more chance of losing considerable ground if you are 25 rather than say 45-50.

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