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Selective dark hair for eyebrow transplantation in the salt & pepper color hair patient. All done along with Scalp hair transplantation.

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Patient’s information

- 61 years old (Asian) Male with Frontal receding and crown alopecia. He also had sparse eyebrow. He looked for the frontal hairline enhancement altogether with crown area. And he request for eyebrow transplantation to improve his Chinese Wu Xing.

We acknowledged to him regarding the natural course of eyebrow transplantation and after care. The patient agreed to get the eyebrow done in the same session with hair transplantation.

His scalp laxity was moderately stretch. Paul-Mayers Scale was 25%

We performed FUT harvesting by open refined technique. All layer’s scalp closure with trichophytic method. The sutures were as figures.

We selected the pigmented hair from the central part of the donor ,where we left the hair long,  for eyebrow transplantation.  The number breaks down into:

The number of hair grafts ;

1 hair unit x 991

2 hair unit x 1,351

3 hair unit x 312

Total for hair transplantation 2,654   We implant 1,200 FUGs to the frontal hairline and another 1,484 to the crown area.

The number of eyebrow grafts ;

Left eyebrow      1 hair unit x 160  and  2 hair unit x 122  

Right eyebrow   1 hair unit x 160  and  2 hair unit x  120

Total for Eyebrow  = 562 FUGs

The photos reveal of 1 year result after our FUT hair transplantation and EBT


Medication treatment

5% Minoxidil lotion daily.

Complications   Postoperative effluvium was there along the donor strip line. However, the hair grow back in 4-5 months and fulfilled the area in 1 year.








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