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Finasteride shedding / receding hairline


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Hello everyone,

I have a question about finasteride and shedding. I’ve been taking finasteride for nearly three months, and my receding hairline seems to have worsened. I’ve read about finasteride and shedding. Have anyone experienced this, or does shedding occur in all areas with remaining hair?? Or does my situation indicate that the medication isn’t working? Appreciate any insights 

To prevent side effects, I take a dosage of 1mg four times a week.

Best regards 




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A lot of people experience a shed in the first few months of use. It speeds up the fall out cycle, so new hair can start growing in. It's like acne medication. You get really bad very fast at first before it all clears up. You should start to see regrowth in the next few months. 


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