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FUE Crown - Current hair isn’t too bad, does this help with regrowth

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My hair is pretty good at the minute. My only issue is that my crown is thinning. It’s been getting worse over the last few years. I wanted to get a HT sooner rather than later as I would rather it not be a dramatic change when I get it done.


I am worried about looking silly as I am a teacher at a high school. I am booked in at the start of summer and then will have 6 weeks until I return to school again. 

As I have quite a lot of hair at the moment will this make my transformation less drastic and speed up the growth?



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Hello Benjymu,

Regarding your concern, I believe it would be beneficial for you to provide some photos so that we can assess whether the thinning area truly requires a hair transplant. If you're concerned about the visibility of the procedure, there's the option of non-shaven FUE, where the donor area doesn't need to be shaved, but it's suitable for cases requiring fewer than 2,200 grafts.

Typically, the crown area may necessitate at least 1,500 grafts for optimal results, though this can vary depending on the size of the thinning area.

Even with a traditional shaven FUE, six weeks should be sufficient for the hair to grow and provide coverage. Ideally, scheduling the surgery during the first two weeks of summer break would be convenient.

It's important to note that the recipient area doesn't need to be shaved, whether it's non-shaven or shaven FUE.

I hope this information helps.


Wipawan V.
Hair Transplant Surgeon and Dermatologist
BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Wunny (Wipawan Vathananai)

Hair transplant surgeon & Dermatologist (ISHRS Fellowship 2022-2023)

BHI Clinic, Bangkok, Thailand (https://www.bhiclinic.com/en/)

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Hi @Benjymu  welcome to the forums. Do you have any pictures you can post? That would give us a much better idea of your situation because any answers really depend on how you style your hair and how big an area you need to cover. 


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I am a forum moderator for hairrestorationnetwork.com. I am not a Dr. and I do not work for any particular Dr. My opinions are my own and may not reflect the opinions of other moderators or the owner of this site. I am also a hair transplant patient and repair patient. You can view some of my repair journey here.

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