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Can someone share pictures of their healed and shaved 12 months FUE scars from Eugenix or other top clinics

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that is after 12 hours stop posting misinformation - each individual will scar differently depending on his/her physiology - although you will be able to see the extraction pattern from top clinics the colour of the scars and in some cases even size of the holes after the actual scarring will differ by individual. Case in point rolandas where his scars atually looked like he had  little bigger punch sizes than 0.8. He marginally improved the size of the punch holes (not colour) by microneedling at home from his youtube vids

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Every patient has a different physiology but it will definitely be noticeable if you shave your head. I would not recommend getting FUE or FUT for that matter if you plan to shave your head down the line, without SMP as a backup plan to lessen the visual contrast.


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