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Need advice - Accidentally got scalp wet day after surgery

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Hey guys.

Im day one out from my FUE transplant, and I’ve made such a blunder. The hotel I am staying at has both a hand and overhead shower option. I followed the instructions to just washing my body carefully with no wetting of the face or head. When I was done, I turned it off but it slipped slightly the other way so water came out of the over head literally for like a second onto my head. I’m really stressing now that I may have dislodged grafts. If I had dislodged any, would there be signs like bleeding etc? They also say dampness can be bad for infections etc? I contacted the hospital and they asked for photos and when they saw them they said it all looked fine, but I don’t know how they can tell if a graft has come out or not as it’s so small and there’s so much selling on my head being only one day out. Really freaking out that I’ve gone to all this time, trouble and expense and a second mistake will ruin the results.

cheers in advance and appreciate your time.


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57 minutes ago, donpizmeov said:

Chill out mate you should be all fine. Many doctors let you wash the hair on the day after surgery, as long as you do it with low pressure. It wont ruin anything. All the best 

Thanks mate - the shower did have a little bit of pressure to it but was for a split second. Cheers for the help

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2 hours ago, Rec.M said:

How are you getting one now? What's the first two days like? Are you doing room service or going down to breakfast?

Hello. I’m going okay. Pain and swelling has been fine. The only thing that’s really frustrating is the sleeping which is upright leading to neck pain  and then small instances where my head may get brushed by something like a pillow etc or the aforementioned water accident. It’s very hard not to stress about lost grafts. I’ve just been getting room service and breakfast at hotel.

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Don't worry ,evrythng will be fine and you don't need to worry that you might have lost grafts..yeah there will be discomfort but this will end up being worthy my friend.

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