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Over harvesting or Shock loss after 3-months?

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I had 1600 grafts from the back of my head to fill in my temple areas. It is now 1 week away from 3 months since the procedure and the donor site is still looking very patchy.
I was told I have an excellent donor site with thick hair and 1600 grafts would be moderate, but I am still living in a hat as it looks so obvious I had a procedure done.  

The recipient site has responded well and the hairs are growing, but the back of my head is a complete patchy mess and you can clearly see the rectangle area with straight lines marking the harvest area. 

Is 3 months normal to still have shock loss in the donor site, or is this a case of over-harvesting? 

If it is over-harvesting would micro-pigmentation be a good way to make it look less obvious and blend the skin colour in? 
(Graphic photo is 1 day after the procedure) 

Any advice appreciated 





Screen Shot 2024-02-08 at 2.07.44 pm.png

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At just under 3 months it is hard to tell. I am hoping that there was a lot of shock in your donor area and that area is just delayed with the growing phase of the shocked hair follicles. I does appear that you have above average density and relatively coarse hair in the donor area and 1600 extractions would normally not cause that appearence.

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Extracting 1600 grafts usually doesn't over harvest the donor area unless they're specifically concentrated in one zone. The current situation might be shock loss, and it takes time for the donor site to fully recover. It's common for it to take around 6-8 months for the donor area to return to a normal appearance. My suggestion is to be patient and allow more time for everything to resolve and I hope you are on medication which can help you in this.

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Thanks for the feedback guys, it sounds like I just need to wait another 3-4 months. 

I am not taking any medication @A_4_Archan.  Other than my temple areas receding my overall hair density seems ok. What would you suggest?
I am not interested in taking Finasteride but I was considering some topical Minoxidil 

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