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Hair transplant Advice

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Hi there guys.


10 years ago I burnt my hair. Used a straightener and I damaged my scalp. 

I am not losing hair and I am not on medical condition. I provided my donor area and front image. I was quoted 2000 grafts DHI method. I am fairly clueless and anything thrown at me will impress me. SO i need your advice please. They provided me with a package as shown. I don't know why I need 2000 grafts for a small area? is this a good estimation? Perhaps they may reduce it when I meet them but it won't reduce the cost.


Total cost in turkey is £2750


Please advice 

If not estenove. What clinic should I look for 





Screenshot_20240122_195651_Samsung Notes~2.jpg

Screenshot_20240122_195658_Samsung Notes~2.jpg

Screenshot_20240122_195708_Samsung Notes~2.jpg

Screenshot_20240122_195718_Samsung Notes.jpg

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Avoid estenove, they are a hairmill as many in turkey and you are putting yourself at high risk being butchered. All the information they have provided you like 80 fu per cm with the dhi method, the ice method (lol) and the microscope method are nothing more than marketing gimmick with the only purpose to mislead innocent patients. You have diffuse thinning on the hairline and midscalp and you will need an experienced doctor who can transplant between existing hair without damaging native follicles. If you decide to proceed with a hairtransplant you should firstly do a throughout research about doctors and results and then proceeding.

If you are looking into turkey good budget options are dr gur and turan from fuecapilar. Other options inturkey are pekiner, keser and dr bicer with a little higher price. Other options for a tight budget but with really good results is dr Maras at hdc clinic in cyprus. This is just a starting point for you.

You can look at the recom. doctors in this forum and begin your research from here:


Dont go blindly to an unknown hairmill where unexperienced technisians will perform surgery on your head.

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I would agree with the earlier poster that the clinic you mentioned is a hairmill and it would be better to atay away from such clinics....

There are other good clinics in turkey and around the world which you can consider.. Don't focus on demography/country when you are looking for a good doctor...this will narrow down your options which is not wise thing to do...look for a good doctor regardless of location preferences which will provide you with wide range of options..

Check Out My Hair Transplant Journey

--> My Thread

3611 FUE Grafts With Dr Kongkiat Laorwong | Norwood 5 | 2nd May 2023 




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