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what are these bumps on the base of the transplanted hair?

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hi all,
while looking at some 1 year post op pictures by this clinic, I noticed these bumps(?) on the base of the transplanted hair. They're very small but are definitely noticeable in this lighting, especially when you compare the transplanted hairs to the native hairs on the temples (no bumps). 

Is this normal and to be expected? or would this be considered 'cobblestoning' that should have been avoided by the surgeon?  

image.thumb.png.aa7468f33399e36d959552c15386c9ba.pngimage source: https://cafe.naver.com/common/storyphoto/viewer.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fcafeptthumb-phinf.pstatic.net%2FMjAyMzA4MjFfOSAg%2FMDAxNjkyNTk4MjE1OTkw.bL9y1E2HmMrDskQj7ncJ50wG8Gy0BAyl_H_6lsspfaUg.WTS9JF1aueLLJHEniJHxni_gqSaaYf10Pw0jX8h7KS4g.JPEG%2FKakaoTalk_20230819_152423240_01.jpg%3Ftype%3Dw1600 

thank you!



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