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1 month Post-Op 3,000 grafts Cosmedica Dead Skin?

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Hi all,

I sent across my 1 month progress pics to the clinic and they said that I have dead skin which I need to remove ASAP as it could affect the result. Just curious as to how bad this actually is to the final result?

I then shampooed and massaged the transplanted after to remove most of the dead skin, with some being more tough where I scratched it off and now there appears to be minor faint bleeding with some faint red lines where I obviously went in too hard. Once again how bad is this 1 month post-op, how do I remove the remaining dead skin and how do I avoid its build up in the future?

Pics show the transplanted area with all the dead skin + after I attempted to remove most of it (most of the hairs shed after massaging)




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Looks good, nothing to worry about here.

A little bit of blood can happen when removing the dead skin, it's natural.  It shouldn't affect the grafts.

It looks like you're on the road to some incredible results!

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