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Is there point in topical minoxidil before surgery?


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You won't lose all your gains in a month.  You'd probably have to stop about 10 days prior and could resume about 2 weeks post-op.  You wouldn't lose your gains and almost surely wouldn't even be far enough along in the post-minoxidil timeline to experience the dreaded shed.  I didn't start shedding until around 3-3.5 months after stopping.  I get your apprehension, but you're in the clear as long as you just start back ASAP/2 weeks post-op.

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4 hours ago, SoSoz said:

As in title, would there be point using it if I would be planning surgery in like 4-6 months? I would have to stop it for like a month and all the gains would be lost?

Yes there is. If you achieve significant gains in the period prior to your surgery then that's a huge plus. In the two or so weeks before surgery and the same (roughly post op) that you are not on the drug there is no way you will lose 100% of this. Far from it.

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