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Oral Minoxidil v High Percentage (15-30%) compounded Minoxidil....

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I asked my Oral Dutasteride source if they also prescribe Oral Minoxidil....the doctor responded with the below message......thoughts on this?

I've been on Oral Dutasteride (.5mg) and Oral Minoxidil (2.5mg) for only 2 months. I've never done any previous topicals/medicines for hair restoration and no procedures. 


Everyone is asking.   No.  Topical 15-30% minoxidil is much more powerful and works directly on the hair follicle NOT a side effect of systemic high blood pressure medication  


The study compares low dose oral minoxidil to OTC 5% minoxidil, NOT compounded 15-30% minoxidil topical 

  Since that article in NY time everyone asking, but below are the reasons why our compounded 15-30% topical minoxidil is much more effective than a systemic-wide side effect of an anti-hypertensive medication taken in low doses:  


#1:   that is low dose oral minoxidil compared to 5% topical minoxidil, we prescribe 15-30% compounded TOPICAL minoxidil 

#2:   oral minoxidil is a SYSTEMIC anti-hypertensive medication that has a "side effect" of hirsutism, meaning hair growth all over the body, not just on scalp 

#3:  Topical minoxidil applied in HIGH concentration (15-30%)directly to the localized miniaturized hair follicles on the scalp is much more effective and powerful than a low dose of a system high blood pressure pill that just has a side effect of increasing total body hair thickness.    

#4: 2.5mg daily taken orally has first pass effect through the liver which decreases the actual amount of minoxidil that is available at the hair follicle.  Compounded 15% to 30% topical minoxidil delivers 150 to 300 mg of minoxidil directly to the miniaturized hair follicles where the effects is needed. 

#5:  In addition, we add additives to the topical compounded minoxidil, RA, AA, Progesterone which helps to enhance the effectiveness of the effects of minoxidil improving blood circulation to the follicle. 

#6:  HIGH blood pressure medication (anti-hypertensive) MAIN physiological function is to DECREASE blood pressure which could have deleterious effects on even healthy people or individuals with known and unknown heart issues or are on other blood pressure medication 

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Thanks for posting - this is definitely interesting stuff.

Do lots of places prescribe 15-30% topical? And has any research been done to back up these claims?

I know there are now sublingual (dissolvable) versions of oral minoxidil, which bypass the liver. How effective these are, I cannot say.

I'd also be cautious about asking a source about the efficacy of a product they are in direct competition with. 

For what it's worth, I personally know people who were at baseline with topical min, and saw a big improvement when they switched to oral.

This is anecdotal of course, but oral seems to be really effective from what I've read.

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2 hours ago, HelpfulFriend said:

I know there are now sublingual (dissolvable) versions of oral minoxidil, which bypass the liver. How effective these are, I cannot say.

I have been taking these for 6 months and I feel totally fine. Hair thickening has been really positive so far (keeping in mind i started oral dut at the same time which might also be contributing).

The dermo who prescribed them told me in his experience oral/sublingual minoxidil is much more effective than topical because people are inherently inconsistent with how they apply it. Given sublingual is such an effective delivery method they can give a much lower dosage. I was getting noticeable results on just 0.9mg daily.

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