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Failed hair transplant or insane shedding?Please help me…


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.I did a HT last 28th September and since early june i’m noticing a shedding into the transplanted areas(the temples).Now its been 11 months and its still thin.Since end june im on 2.5 oral minox and since 18 august on 0.5 dut.Can these medications make me shed into the transplanted areas?(I did the procedure on thinning areas on the temples not balding areas and I also thought that the thinning hair that reacted to minox started to grow over transplanted hair.Whats happening?

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@Melvin- ModeratorPlease help melvin im desperate.What do you  think about my story?

Is this normal??

I had an ht last 28 September and ist been almost 12 months!What the hell ist happening?Im freaking out.Ive done the procedure on thinning areas on the temples?Its like i did nothing..


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My hair type is similar to yours, as well as the thinning

Looks like to me that you are still losing your native hairs and that causes the transplanted hair to look thinner and weaker, as they were transplanted based on your hair situation back when you did the procedure

Im afraid thats inevitable

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