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Experienced side effects on medication, is there any point to a hair transplant now?

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I'm 32, live in Australia

I had side effects on medication Oral Fin/Minoxidil (It was in 1 tablet) so I thought its best to stop, in regards to a hair transplant, is it still an option?

Where do I go from here?

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It all depends on your situation and expectations. For example, are you a low NW? High? The point of medication is to sustain your existing hair in order to maximize the benefits of an HT. So if for example you are destined to be a mid NW3-4 and you restore your frontal third, chances are, you'll be good throughout life without meds. But if you are headed into NW6-7 territory and you just restore the front, you may continue losing hair behind it.

Many of us are cool with having a good hairline/frontal third and being bald on the crown -you can always opt to use beard and body hair on it to create an illusion of fullness there later on- so it all really depends on your situation and expectations. If you are currently a badly diffused NW5 and not on meds, then no, chances are you'd be a poor candidate for an HT

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